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Note: This not airlines official number +1-800-491-0297. It may connect you with travel agency.

+968 24 351234

Muscat, J72Q+HX9, Muscat, Oman


Bangkok Airways Muscat Office serves as a crucial hub for travellers seeking information. This office provides reliable assistance and support for their journeys. Frequent and first-time travellers can seek help from this office while travelling with Bangkok Airways. Along with that, it offers several services to those travelling to/from Muscat. Travelers can manage bookings and reservations with the help of professionals present at the office. Also, they can make inquiries about flight schedules and status at the airport office. Aside from queries, they can share feedback/suggestions to receive better flight experiences.

The Bangkok Airways Office in Muscat acts as a bridge between travellers and the airline. Both domestic and international travellers are served by this office. They can rely on online and offline ways to connect with the officials. Travellers can contact them via phone, email, and other platforms to resolve last-minute travel queries. Usually, the office operates during specific hours from Mondays to Saturdays. However, 24-hour assistance is provided to flyers via the airport office of Bangkok Airways. In all, through varied modes of assisting travellers, its officials aim to make their flight experiences positive.

Basic Details of Bangkok Airways

Before starting a journey with Bangkok Airways, it’s important to get familiar with some basic details of the Muscat Office. The office’s location, working days, etc., are some of the details to consider.

Office Phone Number+1-800-491-0297 or +968 24 351234
Customer Service Number+66 (0) 2270 6699
Head Office Phone Number+66 (2) 265 5678
Headquarters AddressBangkok, Thailand
HubsSuvarnabhumi Airport
Working HoursMonday to Friday 09:00 AM – 05:00 PM
Official Website
Flight Booking
Manage Booking
Flight Schedule
Online Check-In
Baggage Information
Facebook Support
Instagram Support
Twitter Support
Youtube Support

What is Bangkok Airways Muscat Office Address?

In Muscat, the Bangkok Airways Office is located at Muscat. This office is a critical point for gaining travel information. Flyers can use the address to reach this office and get assistance with their travel-related queries. Both on-ground and in-flight queries are solved by the team of professionals.

The Bangkok Airways Muscat Office address is given below:

Muscat, J72Q+HX9, Muscat, Oman

Where is the Bangkok Airways Muscat Airport Office Located?

The Bangkok Airways Airport Office is conveniently located at Muscat International Airport. This office becomes particularly important when flyers need airport assistance for last-minute changes and concerns. Also, the Muscat Airport Office is easily accessible 24/7, to assist those in transit.

What is the Bangkok Airways Muscat Office Phone Number?

This carrier, Bangkok Airways, provides a dedicated phone line for passengers to connect with its Muscat Office. Additionally, the airline offers a fax number to communicate with this department. It ensures a convenient channel for passengers to connect with the airline’s representatives. They can easily convey their queries on call and get timely resolutions.

The Bangkok Airways Muscat Office phone number is:

Telephone Number +968 24 351234
Fax Number+212-279-6602

What is the Email Address of the Bangkok Airways Muscat Office?

Knowing the email address of the Bangkok Airways Muscat Office is important to communicate and seek support online. Travellers can send an email to to connect with the airline. For a helpful response, travellers are advised to add some necessary information with the mail. This includes the passenger’s name, flight details, and well-elaborated travel concerns.

  • Travelers can submit their concerns or feedback via mail.
  • This method can be used to file a complaint too.
  • Also, one can claim missing refunds or convey related issues.

Using an Email Form for Feedback

Flyers can share their feedback with the Bangkok Airways Office in Muscat through an email form. The feedback form can be used to submit inquiries, concerns, and complaints too. They can find this form on the airline’s official website.

To access the form, flyers need to follow the simple steps given below:

  • Visit the Bangkok Airways website.
  • One can find the “About Us” section on the homepage.
  • Here, click on “Our Support”.
  • On this page, click on the “Your Feedback” option.
  • Fill out the required details and submit the feedback form.

What is the Baggage Allowance for Bangkok Airways?

Bangkok Airways offers a generous baggage allowance for its travellers. With a standard allowance of 20 kilograms for checked baggage and 7 kilograms for cabin luggage, travellers can comfortably pack for their journeys. More information regarding allowance can be gained from the Bangkok Airways Office in Muscat.

The checked baggage allowance offered by this airline is given below:

Class CategoryWeight for AdultsWeight for Infants
Economy20 kgs10 kgs
Blue Ribbon (Business)40 kgs10 kgs

For the travellers of Bangkok Airways, the carry-on baggage allowance is determined as per the aircraft. In general, the allowance is given as follows:

Number of ArticlesDimensionsWeight 
150 cm x 36 cm x 23 cm5 to 7 kg

Which Services are Handled by Bangkok Airways Muscat Baggage Office?

Travelers may have concerns regarding delayed or lost baggage. In this situation, the Bangkok Airways Muscat Baggage Office can be approached. It stands as a reliable point of contact in case travellers encounter the instance of lost or delayed luggage. The staff at this office can help them in finding and recovering their bags.

Moreover, the professionals at the Bangkok Airways Office in Muscat can guide travellers through the process of tracking their baggage online. Also, the office staff handles inquiries regarding excess baggage charges and prepaid luggage options. For those carrying excess luggage, the office can assist with calculating and processing any applicable charges.

Which Planes are Operated by Bangkok Airways?

Bangkok Airways operates a modern fleet. It comprises 35 aircraft with a mix of Airbus and ATR models. These planes help this carrier cover 30 destinations around the globe including Muscat. The Bangkok Airways Muscat office can provide further information regarding the features and in-flight amenities available on these aircraft.

The airline’s fleet consists of the following aircraft:

  • Airbus A320-200: A 162-seater plane, Airbus A320-200 stands out with its fly-by-wire control system. This makes it one of the most contemporary and advanced options in the skies. With its generous passenger capacity, this plane is tailored for both longer journeys and routes with high passenger density.
  • Airbus A319-100: In terms of numbers, 11 Airbus A319-100 are in service at Bangkok Airways. It is a versatile aircraft that offers a 2-class configuration with a seating capacity of 120 flyers. Moreover, this plane allows for flights covering distances of up to 6,800 kilometres. This extended range facilitates non-stop trans-Atlantic flights.
  • ATR 72-600: Bangkok Airways’ fleet also boasts the ATR 72-600. It is a new generation of turboprop aircraft. These planes are outfitted with a state-of-the-art full-glass cockpit. The high-comfort layout comes with large overhead bins and offers 70 seats. Currently, 10 aircraft of this series are serving this airline.

Which Passenger Queries are managed by Bangkok Airways Muscat Office?

The Bangkok Airways Muscat Office handles both inflight and on-ground queries. One of the most important queries handled by the office is related to special needs assistance. They can raise questions about wheelchair assistance, unaccompanied minors’ needs, or travelling with service animals. The office staff can provide detailed information for the same.

A few other queries handled by this office are mentioned below:

Booking flightsImmigrations processDelayed and lost baggageVisa information
Baggage allowanceReservationsRefundsFlight schedules
Check-in processAirport facilitiesFlight cancellationsPet travel policies
Flight changeOn-board amenitiesTravel requirementsConnecting flights

Which Services Does Bangkok Airways Muscat Office Offer?

As part of its services, the Bangkok Airways Office in Muscat provides information regarding the in-flight facilities. The facilities include the meals and entertainment options offered by the airline. Also, its office staff assists passengers regarding the reservation of airport facilities services.

The following are some major services offered by this office:

Ticket Reservations

The Bangkok Airways Muscat Ticketing Office plays a crucial role in assisting flyers with flight bookings. Whether they are planning a domestic or an international trip, the knowledgeable staff can help them find the best flight options. They can choose travel dates/times and select the most suitable travel classes.

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Check-in and Boarding Pass Issuance

This Bangkok Airways Office in Muscat streamlines the check-in process. The office staff informs passengers about the document requirements during their check-in. It allows passengers to obtain boarding passes and confirm seat assignments conveniently.

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Special Needs Assistance

The Bangkok Airways Muscat Office is committed to catering to passengers with special needs. The staff can arrange wheelchair assistance and medical requirements. It offers support for passengers travelling with service animals. This office also provides detailed information on accessibility features at airports and onboard aircraft.

Bangkok Airways Muscat Office, Bangkok Airways Office in Muscat, Bangkok Airways Muscat Office Address, Bangkok Airways Muscat Office Phone Number, Bangkok Airways Muscat Airport Office, Bangkok Airways Muscat Baggage Office
Visa and Travel Documentation Guidance

Bangkok Airways, through its Muscat Office, assists flyers in understanding visa requirements for their destination countries. It helps them obtain the necessary documentation. This office provides up-to-date information on visa application procedures. Timelines and eligibility criteria associated with the procedures are informed too.

Flight Status Updates and Travel Advisories

Passengers can require flight updates prior to leaving for a journey or even at the airport. The Bangkok Airways Muscat Ticketing Office keeps them informed about flight status updates. This includes any delays, cancellations, or schedule changes. It ensures real-time tracking information so that passengers are well-informed about travel advisories.

Ticket Cancellations and Refunds

This carrier’s office in Muscat guides flyers through the process of cancelling tickets. It helps in understanding Bangkok Airways cancellation policies and refund procedures. Clear explanations for the eligibility criteria, refund amounts, and processing timelines can be obtained.

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In-Flight Amenities and Pre-Ordering Services

With Bangkok Airways, flyers can access a range of in-flight amenities. Some of these require being booked in advance. For the same, the airline’s Office in Muscat can be approached. Bookings can be made for dietary food, special meals, and others.


The Bangkok Airways Muscat Office serves as a reliable source for travellers when queries have to be cleared. It provides essential services and assistance for a comfortable experience. Travelers facing issues before or after their travel can contact the airline’s office based on their preferred ways for timely help.

Bangkok Airways misses you.
FAQs on Bangkok Airways Muscat Office

Where is the Bangkok Airways Muscat Office address?

Muscat, J72Q+HX9, Muscat, Oman

What are the opening hours of Bangkok Airways Muscat Airport Office?

This Muscat office operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Can I make flight reservations at the Bangkok Airways Muscat Ticketing Office?

Yes, passengers can easily make flight reservations at this Muscat office.

How can I contact Bangkok Airways Muscat Office by phone?

+968 24 351234

What is the Bangkok Airways Muscat Office email address?

What services does the Bangkok Airways Muscat Baggage Office provide?

Usually, this Muscat office handles inquiries related to lost or delayed luggage.

Does Bangkok Airways Muscat Office provide special assistance services?

Passengers requiring special assistance can find the required services at the Muscat airport office.

Does the Bangkok Airways Muscat Airport Office issue refunds?

The Muscat office can guide travellers through the cancellation and refund procedures.

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