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Note: This not airlines official number +1-800-491-0297. It may connect you with travel agency.

+98 84 3223 6800

Ilam Province, Iran


Mahan Air is among the oldest airlines in Iran. It was founded in 1991 as an FSC or full-service carrier. It operates multiple offices to provide its travel services to diverse locations. In Ilam as well, the carrier has an office to manage its operations. The Mahan Air Ilam Office manages these operations by providing certain services. These services include handling the queries of passengers. It helps in booking tickets as well. In addition, for passengers having any complaints or feedback, the office of the airline provides assistance.

In relation to the services provided by the Ilam Office of Mahan Air, passengers can connect with it for reservations, flight changes, cancellations, delays, and more. Queries and complaints are also handled with respect to these services. Whether passengers are flying domestically or internationally, they can approach this office for the guidance required. In order to approach Mahan Air’s Office, they can prefer several mediums. Passengers can connect with its representatives on the call, using the official phone number. Moreover, they can make an in-person visit to this office.

Irrespective of how the Mahan Air Office in Ilam is contacted, passengers can get prompt help or responses. The team at this office works with all speed, considering its skills and years of experience. This team comprises representatives who are adept at listening to queries and excellent at solving problems. By resolving the concerns of passengers, Mahan Air has been able to retain their satisfaction. For decades, the airline has maintained this aspect. As its office in Ilam continues to function, passengers can expect prompt assistance and the satisfaction they require.

General Information of Mahan Air Ilam Office

It is crucial to have general information on the Mahan Air Ilam Office while planning or seeking assistance for air travel. Having general information about the office can ensure a smooth travel experience.

Office Phone Number+1-844-234-6014 or +98 84 3223 6800
Reservation Phone Number+98 21 4838 4838
Headquarters AddressTehran, Iran
HubsMehrabad Airport
Working HoursEveryday Operates-24 hours
Official Website
Flight Booking
Online Check In
Baggage Information
Lost and Found
Twitter Support
Youtube Support

What is the Mahan Air Ilam Office Address?

The Mahan Air Office in Ilam is located in Tehran at Mahan Air Tower. Easily reachable via its official address, a team of skilled employees can be approached here. It assists passengers with the concerns they face in relation to air travel. The office also helps travelers with pre-bookings, reservations, and other such concerns.

Given below is the Mahan Air Ilam Office address:

Ilam Province, Iran

Where is Mahan Air Ilam Airport Office Situated?

Mahan Air’s Ilam Airport Office is located at Ilam Airport. The office serves as a point of contact for passengers looking for assistance within or near the airport. It provides them with information regarding check-in services, flight status, baggage facilities, etc.

The address of Mahan Air Ilam Airport Office is as follows:

Ilam Airport H9PX+JP4, Ilam, Ilam Province, Iran

What is the Mahan Air Ilam Office Phone Number?

The Mahan Air Ilam Office phone number is +98 84 3223 6800. With a dedicated telephone line, the carrier is able to assist a number of flyers. They can call these numbers and request help in a specific language too. For concerns ranging from reservations to cancellations, this mode of contact is preferable.

What is the Email Address of Mahan Air Office in Ilam? is the official email ID of the Mahan Air Office in Ilam. This email ID can be used for queries regarding booking online tickets, flight management, and other air travel-related services.

Also, the office of the airline in Ilam has the following email IDs to address different types of passenger queries.

Mahan &

How Much is the Mahan Air Ilam Baggage Allowance?

Knowing the Mahan Air Ilam baggage allowance, inclusive of weight and size, is important. It allows passengers to carry 20 to 40 kg of checked luggage. For carry-ons or cabin baggage, the airline allows 5 to 10 kg of weight. There are variations in checked and cabin baggage sizes. Further variations in weight arise due to travel class and destination.

The Mahan Air Ilam Baggage Office can be contacted to know the exact luggage allowance. Additionally, flyers can consider the following to learn the checked baggage weight and size in general:

Travel ClassWeightSize (L+H+B)
Business Class (International)40 kg158 cm
Business Class (Domestic)25 kg158 cm
Economy (International)30 kg158 cm
Economy (Domestic)20 kg158 cm

The following table shows the Mahan Air luggage allowance for cabin bags:

Travel ClassWeightSize
Business Class07 kg55 cm x 40 cm x 23 cm
Economy Class05 kg55 cm x 40 cm x 23 cm

What are the Services Provided by Mahan Air Ilam Baggage Office?

Several services are provided by the Mahan Air Ilam Baggage Office to assist passengers in case they lose their items. While it essentially provides services to find lost baggage, additional facilities include filing complaints for damaged items. Otherwise, in the instances of baggage delays, this office can be contacted for tracking services.

What Type of Planes does Mahan Air Fly?

Mahan Air consists of around 54 aircraft in its fleet to execute its flight operations. For the same, different models are observed, including Airbus, Boeing, and BAe. Information and facilities regarding these airplanes can be obtained by contacting the Mahan Air Ilam Office.

These are some of the aircraft that Mahan Air flies:

  • Airbus A300-600
  • BAe 146-300
  • Airbus A340-200
  • Boeing 747-400
  • Airbus A310-300
  • Airbus A340-300
  • Airbus A340-600

Which Queries are Managed by the Mahan Air Ilam Office?

On a regular basis, the Office of Mahan Air handles a wide range of queries to ensure smooth and convenient journeys for their passengers. The most common queries managed by this office are related to ticket booking, flight information, and baggage.

Apart from these, this airline’s office in Ilam handles the following concerns as well:

Visa on arrivalVisa assistanceAirport lounges
Missing luggageIn-flight mealsFlight ticket cancellation
Immigration servicesBoarding informationIn-flight Wi-Fi
Airport facilitiesPet travelDuty-free allowance

Which Services are Offered by Mahan Air Ilam Office?

Passengers planning to fly one-way or having round trips can make use of a number of facilities provided by Mahan Air’s Office located in Ilam. They can head to the Mahan Air Ticketing Office in Ilam to receive assistance in booking flights. Further, when required, the officials can help in managing the reservations.

More facilities offered by this airline’s office in Ilam include:

  • The office provides assistance when flights are delayed.
  • Passengers can receive help in booking alternatives when they miss their flights.
  • For canceling flights online/offline, one can request professional help.
  • This office provides guidance on the necessary paperwork for flight check-in and boarding.
  • To understand the refund procedure, this office in Ilam can be approached.

The Mahan Air Ilam Office is renowned for providing assistance when required. It has a group of executives to help travelers prior to, in between, and after their journey. To connect, there are multiple channels available, including office location, email address, and phone numbers.

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FAQs Related To Mahan Air Ilam Office

What are the operational hours of Mahan Air Ilam Office?

Mahan Air Office in Ilam operates 24 hours, seven days a week.

What is the Mahan Air Ilam Office address?

The airline’s office is located at Ilam Province, Iran

Is the Mahan Air Ilam Office email address available?

Yes, the available email address of this airline’s office in Ilam is

What is the Mahan Air Ilam Office phone number?

+98 84 3223 6800 is the phone number for Mahan Air Office in Ilam.

Where is the Mahan Air Ilam Airport Office located?

This office is located at Ilam Airport.

What services does the Mahan Air Ticketing Office in Ilam offer?

Flight booking and cancellation services are offered by this ticketing office in Ilam.

Does Mahan Air Ilam Baggage Office help in recovering lost items?

Yes, the baggage office provides tracking services to recover lost and delayed items.

Which queries are handled by the Mahan Air Ilam Office?

Queries related to check-in and flight schedules are managed by the airline’s office.

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