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Note: This not airlines official number +1-800-491-0297. It may connect you with travel agency.

+57 601 2662000

El Dorado #103-9, Fontibón, Bogotá, Colombia


Aeromexico, Mexico’s flagship airline, has established a prominent presence in Bogota, offering travelers a gateway to the vibrant culture and beauty of Bogota. The Aeromexico Bogota office serves as a vital hub for those seeking information, assistance, and a seamless travel experience. The Aeromexico Airlines office in Bogota is strategically located in the heart of the city, ensuring easy accessibility for travelers and providing a central point for inquiries and services related to flights, reservations, and travel arrangements. Whether you’re a seasoned explorer or a first-time traveler, the office is designed to cater to your needs and enhance your overall travel experience.

Where is the Address of the Aeromexico Bogota Office?

El Dorado #103-9, Fontibón, Bogotá, Colombia

How to Contact the Aeromexico Bogota Office?

Contacting the Aeromexico Bogota Office is a straightforward process. Whether you have inquiries about flights, need assistance with bookings, or have specific travel-related questions, If you need to contact the Aeromexico Bogota office, you can reach out to them through the following channels:

Bogota Office Phone Number+1-800-491-0297 or +57 601 2662000
Customer Services Number00 52 25551334000
Headquarters AddressMexico City, Mexico
HubsMexico City International Airport
Working HoursEvery day – 24 Hours
Official Website
Manage Booking
Online Check-in
Flight Status
Facebook Support
Twitter Support
Instagram Support
YouTube Support

Remember to have your booking reference, flight details, or any relevant information ready when reaching out to ensure a smoother and more efficient communication process.

Queries Handled by the Customer Care Team of the Aeromexico Office in Bogota

The customer care team at the Aeromexico Office in Bogota is well-equipped to handle a variety of queries and provide assistance on various travel-related matters. Here are some common queries that the customer care team can effectively address:

Flight Information and ReservationsInquiry about flight schedules and destinations.
Assistance with booking and reservations.
Check-in and BoardingGuidance on the check-in process.
Assistance with boarding procedures.
Manage My Booking ServicesHelp with seat selection.
Assistance with special meal requests.
Inquiries about other personalized services for managing bookings.
Booking ModificationsFlight Change, Cancellation, and Name Change:
Requests for changing flight dates or times.
Assistance with canceling a reservation.
Name change inquiries.
General Travel InformationQueries about baggage policies and allowances.Information on travel documentation and visa requirements.Assistance with special assistance requests (e.g., for passengers with disabilities).
Promotions and Special OffersInformation about ongoing promotions and special offers.
Assistance with redeeming travel vouchers or discounts.
Lost or Delayed BaggageReporting lost or delayed baggage.
Tracking the status of lost baggage claims.
Feedback and ComplaintsHandling customer feedback, suggestions, and complaints.
Resolving issues related to the travel experience.
Travel Advisories and UpdatesProviding information on travel advisories and updates.
Assisting with rebooking or rescheduling in case of disruptions.
General AssistanceAddressing any other travel-related queries or concerns.

To reach out to the customer care team at the Aeromexico office in Bogota, you can use the provided contact details such as the office address, phone number, or email address. The team is dedicated to providing excellent service and ensuring that passengers have a smooth and enjoyable travel experience with Aeromexico.

Which Planes Does Aeromexico Fly?

AircraftIn fleetOrders
Boeing 737-80035
Boeing 737 MAX 8338
Boeing 737 MAX 918
Boeing 787-88
Boeing 787-9122

Where to Download the Aeromexico Mobile Application?

Download the Aeromexico Application from the below-mentioned links and drop your query there:

Android users
IOS users

Fly with us || Aeromexico

FAQs on Aeromexico Bogota Office

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to Aeromexico Bogota Office:

Where is the Aeromexico office located in Bogota?

El Dorado #103-9, Fontibón, Bogotá, Colombia

What services does the Aeromexico Bogota office provide?

The Bogota office offers a range of services, including flight information, reservations, check-in assistance, booking modifications, and general travel inquiries.

How can I contact the Aeromexico Bogota office?

+57 601 2662000

Can I inquire about flight schedules and destinations at the Bogota office?

Yes, our knowledgeable Bogota office staff can provide information on Aeromexico’s flight schedules and destinations.

What assistance is available for check-in and boarding procedures?

Our Bogota office can guide you through the check-in process and provide assistance with boarding procedures.

How can I modify my booking, including flight changes or cancellations?

The Bogota office is equipped to assist with booking modifications, including flight changes, cancellations, and name changes.

Can I manage my booking and select seats through the Bogota office?

Yes, our staff can assist you with managing your booking, including seat selection and other personalized services.

What types of travel information can I inquire about at the Bogota office?

You can ask about baggage policies, travel documentation, visa requirements, and special assistance for passengers with disabilities.

Is there a dedicated service for lost or delayed baggage at the Bogota office?

Yes, we can help you report lost or delayed baggage and track the status of your baggage claims.

I hope this answers some of your questions about the Aeromexico Bogota Office. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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