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Note: This not airlines official number +1-800-491-0297. It may connect you with travel agency.

+33 (0)1 42 66 16 58

10, Boulevard Malesherbes, 75008 Paris, France


This article aims to provide a thorough examination of the Air China Paris Office and its importance. This analysis centres on the range of services offered by Air China and its customer support culture, which is distinguished by a strong dedication to empowering customers throughout their complete travel journey.

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What are the Contact Details of the Air China office in Paris, France?

In every way, Air China Paris Baggage Office provides its customers with great services. Knowing how to reach the airline office in Paris, as well as the Air China Paris office address and phone number, is crucial for making the most of your future trip. These specifics will give you useful knowledge and make your trip more pleasurable and unforgettable. You can find more information in the table provided below.

Air China Paris Office Address10, Boulevard Malesherbes, 75008 Paris, France
Air China Airport AddressParis Charles de Gaulle International Airport
Air China Paris Office Number+1-800-491-0297 or +33 (0)1 42 66 16 58
Air China Paris Office Hours8:30 am to 8 pm (Beijing Time), from Monday to Friday
Air China Paris Customer Service Phone Number1 (800) 882-8122
Air China Official Website
Air China Help Center
Air China Flight Status
Air China Online Check-in

What is the Nearest Airport from the Air China office in Paris, France?

The Paris Charles de Gaulle International Airport is the nearest airport to the Air China Office situated in Paris. Located approximately 11.1 miles from Paris. Additionally, Paris Charles de Gaulle International Airport provides air transportation services to the South Bay and Westside regions.

Airport NameDistance (Approx)
Paris Charles de Gaulle International Airport11.1 miles

What are the Services Offered by the Air China office in Paris?

When boarding your Air China flight, it is important to be aware of the various services offered during your journey. The Air China Ticketing Office in Paris offers reliable assistance and guidance for various services related to Air China flights, including booking, changing, cancelling, and many more. Learn about the comprehensive range of services provided by the Air China Paris Office in this informative post.

Air China Flight Booking

Air China offers a remarkable travel experience when you make a flight reservation with them. 

To ensure a smooth ticket purchasing process, kindly provide the airlines with the following details: your desired destination, travel dates, and the names of all passengers. This information will help us facilitate your flight booking efficiently. To continue, kindly click on the “Search Flights” button. 

Air China Paris Office, Air China Paris Office Address, Air China Paris Airport Office, Air China Paris Office Phone Number, Air China Paris Airport Office Address, Air China Paris Office Phone Number, Air China Paris Office Email Address
  1. When visiting, it is recommended to approach the Air China employee in order to seek assistance in making a flight reservation.
  2. Kindly furnish comprehensive details regarding your forthcoming trip, encompassing the precise date of travel, the originating, and terminating destinations, the total passenger count, the preferred service category, and any supplementary pertinent particulars.
  3. The agent will offer you the most appropriate flight option, taking into account your travel preferences and requirements.
  4. After selecting your preferred flight, you will be prompted to enter your personal information and payment details.
  5. The Air China office accepts multiple forms of payment, encompassing cash, debit cards, and credit cards.
  6. After finalizing your reservation, the airline will expeditiously send a confirmation email containing your electronic ticket to the email address you provided during the registration procedure.

Air China Flight Cancellation

Air China allows customers to cancel their flights and receive a refund. While it is possible to cancel online, it is important to have knowledge of essential details.

Air China Paris Office, Air China Paris Office Address, Air China Paris Airport Office, Air China Paris Office Phone Number, Air China Paris Airport Office Address, Air China Paris Office Phone Number, Air China Paris Office Email Address
  1. If you cancel your flight at least 24 hours prior to departure, Air China will issue a full refund without any cancellation fees. Air China has a cancellation policy applicable to reservations made at least seven days prior to departure.
  2. After 24 hours, a cancellation fee will be assessed in the event that a reservation is cancelled for a fare. This fee will be deducted from the price of the original fare.
  3. Customers have the option of requesting either a full refund or a free flight rescheduling in the event of a medical emergency or the death of a family member.
  4. When a non-refundable flight is purchased, it is possible to receive a travel credit that can be used towards future flights.
  5. In the event of a flight cancellation by Air China, passengers have two options: the flight will either be rescheduled or a full refund will be provided to the original payment method.
  6. Contacting the travel agency allows passengers to cancel their Air China flight reservation without incurring any additional charges.
    • Kindly ask the Air China flight attendant to cancel the flight.
    • Please provide the 13-digit e-ticket number or booking reference for verification purposes. The ticket number can be found on the receipt accompanying the boarding pass.
    • The airline representative will verify the possibility of a refund for the flight. Kindly be informed that only the segment of the flight that has been utilized will be eligible for a refund.
    • Refunds for fares that meet the criteria for eligibility are processed by utilizing the original payment method.
    • Once the cancellation request has been approved, the airlines will expeditiously send you an email to furnish confirmation.

Name Correction from Air China

Air China offers passengers the flexibility to make modifications to their airline tickets. Passengers are obligated to possess knowledge pertaining to their personal identification, ticket number, and booking identification.

Ensuring that the name on both the passport and the ticket is identical is of utmost importance. Passengers possess the capability to modify tickets that bear misspelt names.

  1. Please access the official website of Air China for further information.
  2. The functionality to manage or modify a booking with Air China.
  3. In order to access the reservation, it is necessary to furnish specific details, including the confirmation number and the last name associated with the booking.
  4. To modify the name of the booking displayed on the screen, please click on the “edit” option.
  5. In order to make a complete change to your name, it will be imperative for you to make arrangements to rebook your flight. 
  6. To update or modify the full name associated with a reservation, it is necessary to initiate a rebooking process. 
  7. The procedure entails the cancellation of the current reservation and the subsequent creation of a new flight reservation containing accurate information.
  8. If you are in need of assistance regarding modifications to your bookings, such as revisions, cancellations, or rebookings, it is advisable to contact the customer support representatives for help.

Air China Flight Upgrade

Complimentary upgrades for airline tickets are solely accessible to customers who have procured their tickets through Visa PayWave, Platinum Cards, or Gold Cards.

If tickets are rescheduled beyond the validity period of the promotion, they will be automatically rebooked in the same booking class as the original ticket.

Air China Paris Office, Air China Paris Office Address, Air China Paris Airport Office, Air China Paris Office Phone Number, Air China Paris Airport Office Address, Air China Paris Office Phone Number, Air China Paris Office Email Address

This offer is not eligible for combination with any other promotions endorsed by Air China.  This offer excludes tickets intended for infants and children.

  1. To address your inquiry, it is recommended that you visit the Air China office located in Paris and personally present your request.
  2. To facilitate the retrieval of your itinerary, kindly provide the airline representative with either the booking reference or the e-ticket number associated with your reservation. 
  3. The eligibility of your reservation for an upgrade will be assessed by the agent, taking into consideration the relevant fare rule.
  4. In the context of airline policies, it is important to note that the option to upgrade to Business Class or First Class is restricted for passengers who have purchased a Basic Economy fare.
  5. The airline will inform you about the possibility of an upgrade after evaluating the current availability of seats. 
  6. Furthermore, the individuals involved in the discussion will also address the cost implications and any supplementary criteria that may need to be considered.
  7. To avail of an upgrade opportunity with Air China, you may proceed by filling out the Air China upgrade form and submitting the required payment, provided that the price is agreeable to you.
  8. Upon completion of the procedure, you will be provided with a new boarding card that denotes your upgraded class.

Air China Check-In

Air China Paris Office, Air China Paris Office Address, Air China Paris Airport Office, Air China Paris Office Phone Number, Air China Paris Airport Office Address, Air China Paris Office Phone Number, Air China Paris Office Email Address
Mobile Check-in

Passengers have the convenience of checking in using a mobile device within a specific time frame before their flight, which ranges from 24 to 90 minutes prior to takeoff. The collection of your boarding pass is required at the airport.

Online Check-in

Passengers are required to collect their boarding passes at the airport, thus allowing them to check their bags as per the usual procedure.

Airport Check-in

You have up to 30 minutes before takeoff for domestic flights and 60 minutes before takeoff for international flights.

  1. Please provide the booking reference to the agent and kindly request their assistance in completing the check-in process.
  2. Please indicate any specific services you require for your upcoming travel, such as seat selection, meal preferences, and additional assistance services like wheelchair arrangements, travelling with a pet or unaccompanied minor services.
  3. Ensure that you have all the essential documentation readily available, including your passport, reservation confirmation, and any other pertinent paperwork required for your specific situation.
  4. The Air China flight representative will provide you with the boarding card and any additional essential information.

Air China Add Baggage

Air China imposes additional charges on passengers who exceed the permitted weight or size limits for their luggage. Passengers will incur additional charges for every kilogram exceeding the authorized weight limit on domestic flights.

Air China Paris Office, Air China Paris Office Address, Air China Paris Airport Office, Air China Paris Office Phone Number, Air China Paris Airport Office Address, Air China Paris Office Phone Number, Air China Paris Office Email Address
  1. Contact an Air China representative and let them know that you would like to inquire about the process of adding additional baggage to your reservation.
  2. Please ensure that you make the required payment for the baggage charges.
  3. The airline will oversee and manage the payment process. The office also accepts cash payments as a form of payment.
  4. Once the baggage has been included in your reservation, the airline will provide baggage tags that reflect the additional baggage allowance.

Air China Claim Delayed and Lost Baggage Compensation

The compensation limit for lost or damaged checked baggage, whether it is fully or partially affected, stands at RMB 100 per kilogram. In the event that the value of the baggage is below RMB 100 per kilogram, the compensation provided will be determined based on its actual worth. The maximum compensation allotted per traveller for unattended baggage is RMB 3,000.

Air China Paris Office, Air China Paris Office Address, Air China Paris Airport Office, Air China Paris Office Phone Number, Air China Paris Airport Office Address, Air China Paris Office Phone Number, Air China Paris Office Email Address

For comprehensive guidelines regarding international flights to and from Macau, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, China, it is advisable to consult the relevant regulations.

  1. When arriving at the airport, it is recommended to promptly address any concerns by seeking assistance from a representative of Air China.
  2. When you report a property irregularity, you will receive a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) number.
  3. Ensuring the provision of accurate and dependable information pertaining to one’s luggage is of utmost importance.
  4. It is imperative to ensure the accessibility of requisite documentation while embarking on a journey, encompassing receipts for baggage fees, boarding passes, and records of any lost or damaged belongings within one’s luggage.
  5. Kindly proceed to the Air China office situated in Paris in order to furnish a comprehensive report regarding the current circumstances.
  6. Kindly provide the flight executive with the Property Irregularity Report (PIR) number and request their assistance in navigating the compensation procedure.
  7. In order to initiate the reimbursement process for your claim, it may be necessary for you to fill out the Air China Baggage claim form.
  8. It is advisable to follow up with the Air China representative regarding the progress of your claim subsequent to its submission.

Pet Travel

Pets that meet specific criteria are eligible to travel as checked baggage:

Air China Paris Office, Air China Paris Office Address, Air China Paris Airport Office, Air China Paris Office Phone Number, Air China Paris Airport Office Address, Air China Paris Office Phone Number, Air China Paris Office Email Address
  1. Your pets include dogs, cats, and birds.
  2. Your pets are securely confined in kennels to ensure the safety of both individuals and luggage.
  3. Pets are supposed to remain in their kennels for the entire duration of a flight.
  4. The maximum number of pets allowed per container is two, with a combined weight limit of 30.8 lbs (14 kg). each
  5. The maximum weight allowed per container for transporting 1 or 2 pets is 99 lbs (45 kg).
  6. Ensure that your pet possesses all the essential health documents mandated by your intended destination.
  7. Please note that each flight permits a maximum of two pet containers.

Additional Services at Air China Paris Office

Check out the remarkable qualities and unmatched services provided by Air China. The company provides a diverse array of services, complemented by additional offerings that are supported by a guarantee. For a comprehensive understanding of Air China’s services and offerings, it is advisable to visit their Paris office.

  • General inquiries – The airline will address any concerns or inquiries you may have regarding your trip, including flight schedules, regulations, and other relevant information.
  • Special services – Passengers with special requirements can avail of a range of services, including but not limited to wheelchairs, medical assistance, and escort services. These services are readily accessible upon request to ensure the comfort and convenience of individuals with specific needs.
  • Frequent flyer program – PhoenixMiles, the frequent flyer program, was established by the Air China family of airlines. You can accumulate mileage points by flying with any of the airlines within the Air China family, regardless of your location. The accumulated mileage can be utilized to obtain various benefits such as award tickets, upgrades to higher travel classes, merchandise from the PhoenixMiles online store, and a wide range of exclusive online and offline offerings tailored specifically for you.

Air China Unaccompanied Minor

  1. Air China, offers a comprehensive service to support unaccompanied minors throughout their journey, ensuring their safe travel from the starting point to the intended destination.
  2. The service is a requirement for unaccompanied children between the ages of 5 and 12 who are travelling without a responsible adult aged 18 or above.
  3. Children below the age of 5 are required to be accompanied by an adult who is at least 18 years old in order to travel. This policy ensures the safety and well-being of young travellers during their journey. Airlines have the authority to ask for official documentation to verify the age of a child.
  4. For detailed information about fees, it is recommended to directly contact Air China.
  5. To obtain additional details regarding Unaccompanied Minor Services, kindly reach out to Air China Service and Sales Hotline directly at 95583 / 4008 100 999.

Air China Lost and Found

  1. In the event that your baggage is discovered to be damaged, it is advised to promptly visit the baggage claim services counter located in the arrival hall, before proceeding to Customs. 
  2. In the event that your luggage remains unaccounted for after a period of seven days, the airline will provide you with a “Baggage Inventory Form” for completion. 

Group Booking through Air China

To book flights for a group with Air China, you need to talk to the airline personally. Tell them how many people will be travelling and when you want to go. Then, wait for their reply, which should include a personalized quotation.


Air China is a well-known Chinese airline that was established in July 1988. The airline operates flights to 360 destinations across 40 countries and regions, including 245 domestic, 100 international, and 15 regional routes. For more information on booking, cancellation, and refund policies, rebooking options, available classes, fares, offers, and deals, as well as the frequent flyer program and its membership, travellers can reach out to the experienced team of aviation executives at the Air China Paris office. 

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FAQs on Air China Paris Office

Air China Paris Office located at 10, Boulevard Malesherbes, 75008 Paris, France.

Air China provides a dedicated customer service hotline, reachable at +33 (0)1 42 66 16 58, through which passengers can communicate with the airline’s representatives to address any concerns they may have.

To initiate contact with the customer service department, it is necessary to proceed accordingly. Please furnish the pertinent details of your complaint, including relevant flight information and any other pertinent information.

The customer service number varies with the location you are calling from. However, the official number of the airline is +33 (0)1 42 66 16 58.

Economy class passengers can bring one piece of hand baggage. It should weigh less than 5 kilograms (11 pounds). First and Business Class passengers can bring two 8 kg (17 lb) carry-on bags. Carry-ons should not exceed 55 x 40 x 20 cm (22 x 16 x 8 in).

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