Cathay Pacific Jeju Office



Note: This not airlines official number +1-800-491-0297. It may connect you with travel agency.

+82 1644 8003

306, Jeju International Airport Yongdam-2 dong, Jeju-si Korea


It’s crucial to have the Cathay Pacific Jeju Office Contact Information at your fingertips if you intend to fly with the airline from that city. This will make sure that you can get in touch with them quickly if you have any questions or need any help while making your travel arrangements. 

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Understanding the procedures for making reservations, making changes, and cancelling Cathay Pacific flights is crucial in addition to providing contact information. This detailed guide will teach you everything you need to know about the Cathay Pacific Jeju Office. 

Cathay Pacific Jeju Office Contact Information

The airline’s Jeju employs a team of experienced professionals who are trained to provide dedicated assistance. The team members possess a high level of expertise and knowledge, enabling them to offer effective and tailored solutions to meet your needs. 

Discover a wide array of services and amenities offered by Cathay Pacific Jeju. Obtain valuable information and insights by contacting their office via the provided  Cathay Pacific Jeju Phone Number and contact details listed in the table below. To gain further insights into the airline office in LA, please refer to the following details: 

Cathay Pacific Jeju Office Address306, Jeju International Airport Yongdam-2 dong, Jeju-si Korea
Cathay Pacific Jeju Office Working HoursMon – Fri: 06:00 – 17:30 PST / Sat: 06:00 – 16:00 PST
Cathay Pacific Jeju Office Contact Number+1-800-491-0297 or +82 1644 8003
Cathay Pacific Jeju Airport Office Phone Number +82 1661-2626
Cathay Pacific Headquarters Contact Number+800 2747 3333
Cathay Pacific Official Website
Cathay Pacific Flight Booking
Cathay Pacific Online Check-in
 Cathay Pacific Manage Booking!/en_IN/login
Cathay Pacific Facebook Support
Cathay Pacific Youtube Support
Cathay Pacific Instagram Support
Cathay Pacific Twitter Support

Services Offered at the Cathay Pacific Jeju Office

Travelers visiting Jeju can depend on the Cathay Pacific Jeju Ticketing Office for professional assistance and advice, ensuring a hassle-free trip. The staff in Jeju is committed to providing assistance for all your flight-related needs, including bookings, cancellations, refunds, promotional offers, and more. They can be relied upon to offer the necessary support. 

Discover the diverse range of services the airline provides below:-

Cathay Pacific Check-In Policy

To ensure a smooth travel experience, Club/Asia Miles members and passengers who have purchased tickets from the Cathay website are advised to complete the check-in process between 90 minutes and 48 hours prior to their scheduled flight departure. This allows ample time for necessary arrangements and preparations. To ensure a smooth travel experience, it is recommended to check in online between 90 minutes to 24 hours prior to your scheduled flight departure if you have an electronic ticket. You are not currently booked on a codeshare flight.

Cathay Pacific Jeju Office, Cathay Pacific Jeju Office Address, Cathay Pacific Jeju Airport Office, Cathay Pacific Jeju Office Phone Number, Cathay Pacific Jeju Airport Office Address, Cathay Pacific Jeju Office Phone Number, Cathay Pacific Jeju Office Email Address

Cathay Pacific offers a convenient Web Check-in service that allows passengers to check in for their flights between 24 and 48 hours prior to departure.

One can follow these steps for a smooth check-in process:-

  • To ascertain the location of Cathay Pacific’s office in Jeju, kindly utilize the Google Maps application or consult the aforementioned address. Upon arrival at the Cathay Pacific Office, proceed promptly to the check-in counter to commence the necessary flight formalities.
  • In order to avail of Cathay Pacific’s assistance, please furnish your booking reference or ticket number, along with pertinent flight details.
  • Upon successfully locating your reservation, kindly specify your desired seating arrangement and any additional specific requests.
  • It is important to acknowledge that in the event that a seat has not been chosen by the individual, the staff will proceed to allocate one based on its availability. 
  • Subsequently, the agent will evaluate and categorize your luggage, and provide a boarding pass in the event that a baggage inspection is required.
  • After successfully completing the check-in procedure, the airline will provide you with both a boarding pass and confirmation, enabling you to proceed with your travel arrangements.

Cathay Pacific Flight Booking Policy

Experience exceptional travel with Cathay Pacific Flight by booking your flight today. Discover the ease and flexibility of online booking or the personalized service of visiting the ticket counter. Experience the convenience of the airline’s user-friendly booking system. 

Cathay Pacific Jeju Office, Cathay Pacific Jeju Office Address, Cathay Pacific Jeju Airport Office, Cathay Pacific Jeju Office Phone Number, Cathay Pacific Jeju Airport Office Address, Cathay Pacific Jeju Office Phone Number, Cathay Pacific Jeju Office Email Address

To ensure a seamless flight booking experience, just provide your destination, travel dates, and passenger information, and click on the ‘Search flights’ button. 

One can follow these steps for a smooth Flight Booking process:-

  • Upon your arrival at Jeju International Airport, we kindly request that you make a visit to the Cathay Pacific office, where you will have the opportunity to engage with one of their knowledgeable agents who will be more than willing to assist you with any inquiries or concerns regarding your flight reservation. Kindly furnish us with a comprehensive travel itinerary for our perusal.
  • The agent will furnish you with a curated assortment of dates and alternatives customized to suit your individual preferences. Kindly select a flight from the list of recommended options presented by the agent.
  • Upon selecting the desired flight, the agent will request vital personal information such as the passenger’s name, passport details, and payment information in order to finalize the booking procedure.
  • Airlines accept cash, credit, and debit cards for ticket purchases. 
  • The airline offers electronic or paper tickets. You’ll receive your ticket format immediately after payment. 
  • To ensure accuracy, verify with an airline representative before finalizing your reservation.

Cathy Pacific Flight Change Policy

To rebook your flights, simply click on the “Rebook and Refund” button. Passengers who have made a joint booking are obligated to modify their travel dates and/or flights collectively when making changes to their flight reservations through online channels. Passengers who have connecting flights with multiple carriers will have the flexibility to make changes to their itinerary.

Cathay Pacific Jeju Office, Cathay Pacific Jeju Office Address, Cathay Pacific Jeju Airport Office, Cathay Pacific Jeju Office Phone Number, Cathay Pacific Jeju Airport Office Address, Cathay Pacific Jeju Office Phone Number, Cathay Pacific Jeju Office Email Address

One can follow these steps for a smooth Flight Change process:-

  • Getting in touch with a Cathay Pacific representative provides a hassle-free avenue for making necessary modifications to your flight schedule.
  • In order to retrieve your booking information, kindly furnish either the booking reference or the ticket number linked to your reservation.
  • Please specify the precise date or location for your intended departure.
  • Upon making your selection, the designated individual will provide guidance throughout the rebooking process.
  • The airline representative will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your request and furnish you with comprehensive information pertaining to the diverse alternatives for effecting modifications.
  • Cathay Pacific guarantees prompt and transparent communication regarding any charges related to ticket modifications or discrepancies in fares. 
  • Kindly proceed with the requisite payment. 
  • Upon the completion of the flight modification process, a dedicated representative from Cathay Pacific will promptly furnish you with an amended confirmation document, encompassing all pertinent revisions and updated details. Kindly verify the flight schedule to ensure that any modifications have been accurately reflected for your utmost satisfaction. 

Cathay Pacific Flight Upgrade Policy

Cathay Pacific offers multiple options for upgrading your flight using miles, cash/card, or through a bidding process. Eligible flights and fare types can be upgraded using these methods. 

Cathay Pacific Jeju Office, Cathay Pacific Jeju Office Address, Cathay Pacific Jeju Airport Office, Cathay Pacific Jeju Office Phone Number, Cathay Pacific Jeju Airport Office Address, Cathay Pacific Jeju Office Phone Number, Cathay Pacific Jeju Office Email Address

One can follow these steps for a smooth Flight Upgrade process:-

  • Kindly locate the precise location of Cathay Pacific’s office in Jeju. To ascertain the location, one may employ the utilization of Google Maps or consult the aforementioned table.
  • For an enhanced flight booking experience with Cathay Pacific, it is advised to seek assistance from their office staff or an authorized airline representative. Kindly inform the airline if you desire to enhance your service, and their competent staff will gladly provide the necessary assistance.
  • In order to offer further support, provide your booking reference.
  • Based on options, the airline will upgrade class.
  • Staff considers seat availability, pricing criteria, and frequent flyer status to determine upgrade eligibility.
  • If available, the agent will provide premium upgrade rates.
  • After processing and payment, the airline will confirm your upgrade.

Cathay Pacific Flight Cancellations Policy

The cancellation policy of Cathay Pacific enables passengers to cancel their tickets within a 24-hour window subsequent to booking, irrespective of the refundable or non-refundable nature of the ticket. In order to obtain a complete reimbursement, it is imperative to cancel a flight reservation within 24 hours of its initial booking, adhering to Cathay Pacific’s cancellation and refund guidelines.

One can follow these steps for a smooth Flight Cancellation process:-

  • Arrange a face-to-face meeting at the Cathay Pacific office to avail yourself of a tailored and immersive encounter. Kindly inform the airline personnel about the cancellation of your reservation and furnish a concise rationale for the flight’s termination.
  • In order to facilitate the airline representative’s access to your reservation, kindly furnish them with either the booking reference or ticket number associated with your booking. 
  • The airline representative will furnish customers with pertinent details regarding the cancellation policy of Cathay Pacific, extending their aid and support. A thorough breakdown of the applicable fees and potential refunds for your reservation will be furnished to you.
  • Cancellation fees may be imposed in accordance with the selected fare policies or service category.
  • Upon the completion of the cancellation process, an email confirmation will be sent to you, serving as verification that your cancellation request has been successfully processed.

How to Contact Cathay Pacific Jeju Office?

 For access to Cathay Pacific’s contact details, it is advisable to refer to their official website. For the precise information you desire, kindly refer to the “Contact Us” section on our website. The airline offers a specialized customer support team that is available round the clock to address inquiries and provide passengers with optimal solutions. Moreover, the following table presents a comprehensive compilation of dependable contact alternatives for establishing communication with the airlines.

  • Phone Call- To obtain travel-related information or seek assistance, please contact the customer care team at Cathay Pacific Jeju Office by dialling +82 1644 8003. Prepare yourself for a fruitful partnership with a committed and seasoned aviation specialist. Effective coordination of travel arrangements necessitates clear and concise communication of individual requirements to the airline, coupled with the selection of a flight itinerary that can adequately cater to these needs. 
  • Visiting the Office- There are two convenient methods for acquiring travel tickets: online purchase or in-person at the airport ticket counter. Experience the unparalleled convenience of accessing the airline counter at Jeju International Airport. When strategizing your travel arrangements, it is imperative to contemplate potential inquiries regarding pertinent details. When making a travel reservation, it is crucial to furnish specific information including the cities of departure and arrival, the dates of travel, and the total number of passengers. After receiving feedback, the office staff will promptly generate a diverse range of queries.
  • By Mail- Email to contact the Cathay Pacific Jeju Office. The team is here to help with airline, ticket, and other service questions. Email Cathay Pacific for reservations, refunds, and travel questions.
  • Social Media- 
FACEBOOKCathay Pacific (
TWITTER@cathypacific (
INSTAGRAMCathaypacific (
LINKEDINCathay Pacific (

What Additional Services Does the Cathay Pacific Jeju Office Offer?

Learn more about the various services that are available from the airline Cathay Pacific. This airline company not only provides high-quality services but also provides convenient access to exquisite lounges and reliable pet transportation, which significantly contributes to an overall increase in the level of customer satisfaction. 

To have a comprehensive understanding of what Cathay Pacific has to offer, it is recommended that you visit its headquarters in Jeju.

Pet Travel
  • Travel regulations strictly dictate that solely service dogs that have undergone medical certification are eligible to accompany their owners in the aircraft cabin during flights, and this exclusive privilege is graciously extended without any supplementary charges. 
  • Various domesticated animals, including dogs, cats, and birds, possess the opportunity to embark on their journeys either as checked baggage in the cargo hold or as manifest cargo.
  • Pets traveling between Hong Kong and New Zealand must be transported exclusively as cargo baggage on direct flights, rather than being included as checked baggage.
  • Pet Fee:-
  • Weight-based flights calculate the cost of excess baggage on a per-kilogram basis, following standard rates. 
  • Below is the overview of the dimension – 
Combined weight of pet and carrier≤ 50lb/23kg
Total dimensions≤ 158cm/62in
  • There is an extra charge of USD 150 for surpassing the limit of 70lb/208cm/80in. If the combined weight of the pet and its carrier exceeds 70 lb/32kg and the total dimensions exceed 203cm/80in, an additional fee of 4 times the regular charge will be applied per piece. 
Total Dimensions> 203cm/80in
Combined Excess Weight or> 70lb/32kg
Surpassing Limit FeeUSD 150
Special Assistance
  • Cathay Pacific provides a diverse array of specialised assistance services tailored to accommodate passengers with specific requirements. To optimise the overall travel experience, it is recommended to proactively communicate any specific needs or requests to the airline prior to departure. 
  • Passengers must furnish this information no later than 48 hours prior to the scheduled departure time of their flight. In order to guarantee the provision of inflight oxygen or any other specific accommodations, it is imperative to notify the airline no later than 72 hours prior to departure. 
  • Providing advance notice enables the airline to effectively prepare and facilitate a seamless and enjoyable travel experience for passengers requiring special assistance.
Baggage Services and Inquiries

Excess baggage, which surpasses the standard check-in allowance in terms of size and weight, or goes beyond the allowance for Cathay members or Oneworld tier, will necessitate special handling and incur additional charges. Kindly be informed that we have a weight limit of 32kg / 70lb and a total dimension limit of 203cm / 80in for individual bags.

Cathay Pacific Jeju Office, Cathay Pacific Jeju Office Address, Cathay Pacific Jeju Airport Office, Cathay Pacific Jeju Office Phone Number, Cathay Pacific Jeju Airport Office Address, Cathay Pacific Jeju Office Phone Number, Cathay Pacific Jeju Office Email Address
Group Booking

Reserve seats for the entire group at no cost, subject to availability in the designated area. An assured group fare. A proficient airport group coordinator to facilitate the group’s needs.

Unaccompanied Minor Travel
Cathay Pacific Jeju Office, Cathay Pacific Jeju Office Address, Cathay Pacific Jeju Airport Office, Cathay Pacific Jeju Office Phone Number, Cathay Pacific Jeju Airport Office Address, Cathay Pacific Jeju Office Phone Number, Cathay Pacific Jeju Office Email Address
  • According to Cathay Pacific’s policy on Unaccompanied Minors, children aged 6 to under 12 must use the Unaccompanied Minors service unless they are accompanied by an adult passenger who is at least 18 years old. 
  • The provision of the Unaccompanied Minors service is contingent upon the specific flight in question. For accurate information regarding the availability of this service, it is advisable to consult the relevant airline.
Hotel Booking

If the delay exceeds six hours, Cathay Pacific Airways will offer necessary Hotel Accommodation (including transfers) to passengers.

Lost and Found
  • In the event that you have inadvertently left an item on our aircraft, we kindly request that you promptly contact the nearest Baggage Services office affiliated with the airline for immediate assistance. 
  • In the event that an individual inadvertently forgets an item aboard a codeshare flight, it is advisable to promptly establish direct communication with the operating carrier. The staff members possess the necessary expertise to aid you in recovering your misplaced possession.
Coverage Against Personal Liabilities
  • For a comprehensive understanding of the terms, conditions, and exclusions that pertain to Cathay Pacific, kindly consult the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS). An exception to the coverage policy occurs when the transport provider is responsible for delays, cancellations, or rescheduling unless it is a result of an unforeseen strike without prior notice prior to the policy’s commencement.
  • The Influence of Pre-existing Medical Conditions on Losses
  • Neglecting to promptly notify the police or the accountable Transport Provider of loss or theft within a 24-hour timeframe.
  • Out-of-pocket costs exceed the duration of insurance coverage.

Promotions, Offers, and Loyalty Programs

  • As a Cathay Pacific member, you will have the opportunity to earn Asia Miles and Status Points. Additionally, you will receive priority services when travelling in eligible classes with any of the Oneworld member airlines. 
  • Cathay Pacific offers an exclusive elite status program, providing frequent flyers with a range of benefits including access to luxurious lounges, complimentary upgrades, and additional privileges. 
  • The benefits offered by Oneworld carriers can greatly enhance the travel experience, making it more seamless and luxurious. Previously known as Marco Polo Club, the program was once separate from Asia Miles. However, it has now been seamlessly integrated and rebranded as “Cathay.”
  • To achieve one of Cathay’s status tiers, individuals must fulfill the specified requirements for earning Status points. Status points can be earned by passengers when they travel on paid flights operated by Cathay Pacific or its partner airlines. The accumulation of Status points is contingent upon the specific airline, flight route, and travel class.

Cathay Pacific is one of the largest and most prominent airlines in the world, with a strong presence in Hong Kong. The airline operates from its headquarters and main hub located at Hong Kong International Airport. It provides scheduled flight services to various domestic and international destinations. Cathay Pacific, formerly known as Dragon Air, underwent a name change to its current title at a later stage. The airline prioritises affordable travel options and customer-friendly policies for its passengers.

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FAQs on Cathay Pacific Jeju Office

Cathay Pacific Jeju Office includes Check-In, Flight Bookings, Flight Change, Flight upgrades, and many more. 

You can book a flight with Cathay Pacific through the Jeju Office via phone, email, or by visiting in person.

You can make changes or cancel flight bookings through the Cathay Pacific Jeju Office by following a few steps mentioned above.

Yes, you can inquire about baggage or report lost items at the Cathay Pacific Jeju Office.

You can contact Cathay Pacific for general inquiries or customer support at +82 1644 8003.

Yes, you can book Cathay Pacific flights to destinations outside of LA through the Cathay Pacific Jeju Office.

Yes, you can purchase Cathay Pacific tickets at the Jeju Office counter.

Yes, there are Cathay Pacific lounge facilities available at the Jeju Office.

The status of a flight’s Passenger Name Record (PNR) can be verified on the airline’s official website by using the assigned PNR code.

Yes, you can request special assistance or make arrangements for passengers with disabilities or medical conditions through the Jeju Office.

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