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Note: This not airlines official number +1-800-491-0297. It may connect you with travel agency.

(612) 726-5555

4300 Glumack Dr, St Paul, MN 55111


Condor Airlines is a major air carrier in Germany. It serves both domestic and international destinations. One of its major hubs for these operations is Frankfurt. To serve travellers with reliable assistance, the Condor Airlines Minneapolis Office has been established. It stands as a hub for passengers with concerns during or after their journey with this airline. The team of officials at this office is well-trained to understand their needs. It is dedicated to guiding them with the best possible solutions in sync with their concerns/queries.

Passengers seeking assistance regarding travel-related concerns can directly connect with the Minneapolis Office of Condor. To do so, they can visit the airline’s office or contact it via mail and call. Additionally, this airline provides an airport office for passengers’ convenience. All travel queries and concerns can be professionally addressed by the office staff. Moreover, they can make special requests for their needs before or after their flights. Overall, this office is known for its prompt solutions and help as required by passengers.

Basic Information of Condor Airlines Minneapolis Office 

Having basic knowledge about Condor Airlines can be helpful in many aspects. Flyers can use certain general details to reach out to the carrier’s Minneapolis office in times of need. The headquarters of the airline, Minneapolis office location, and working hours are some of the important details to consider.

Office Phone Number+1-800-491-0297 or (612) 726-5555
Customer Service Number00 49 6171 6988920
Headquarters AddressFrankfurt, Germany
Working HoursMonday to Friday 10:00 AM to 04:00 PM
Official Website
Flight BookingClick Here
Manage Booking
Flight Status
Online Check-In
Baggage Information
Facebook Support
Youtube Support
Instagram Support

What is the Condor Airlines Minneapolis Office Address?

The use of the Condor Airlines Minneapolis Office address can help travellers easily address their queries. Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, this office serves as a crucial point of contact and reference for travellers. They can also access this address to request essential travel-related services. Furthermore, it acts as a central point to physically visit and receive in-person assistance.

Below is the Minneapolis office address for the airline:

4300 Glumack Dr, St Paul, MN 55111

What is the Condor Airlines Minneapolis Office Email Address? 

For travellers seeking online ways to communicate with Condor Airlines, the Minneapolis Office’s email address,, can be used. Email communication offers travellers a swift and flexible means of getting in touch with the airline’s dedicated staff to address reservation-related questions.

  • This email ID can be used for concerns regarding making or modifying reservations.
  • Travellers can seek assistance with their travel plans.

Where is the Condor Airlines Minneapolis Airport Office Located?

The Condor Airlines Minneapolis Airport Office is situated in Minnesota. At Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport, it employs a team of professionals. Given the availability of the team and this prime location of the office, it is the most convenient for flyers having end-moment doubts and queries related to their travel.

What is the Condor Airlines Minneapolis Office Phone Number?

Condor Airlines’ Minneapolis Office provides two essential phone numbers for seamless communication. These numbers help to assist passengers with various queries without significant waiting time. Additionally, the phone numbers are location-based, providing convenience to passengers.

These numbers are:

Condor Airlines Minneapolis Office Phone NumberLocationTimingCalling Charges
(612) 726-5555United States and Canada24/7Toll-free
+49 6171 6988920International locationsCharges may apply as per the location

How Much is the Baggage Allowance for Condor Airlines?

At its office in Minneapolis, this Germany-based airline offers information regarding a clear and well-defined baggage allowance policy. Under this, passengers are allowed to carry 1 bag of each category as small bags, carry-on luggage, and checked baggage. For Condor Airlines, the maximum weight limit for checked baggage is 32 kg. 

Type of BagNo. of Pieces Weight Dimension
Small Bags140cm x 30cm x 10cm
Carry-on Luggage18 kg55cm x 40cm x 20cm
Checked Baggage132 kg158 cm (length + width + height)

What Services Does Condor Airlines Minneapolis Baggage Office Provide?

The Condor Airlines Minneapolis Baggage Office provides services to find lost items. This office helps passengers to recover and track lost/delayed items. One can track down their luggage after arrival. Moreover, complaints regarding damaged luggage can also be filed with the help of office staff. The professionals can help them to claim compensation for lost and damaged bags.

Which Passenger Queries Does Condor Airlines Minneapolis Office Manage?

Queries before and after flights are addressed at the Condor Airlines Minneapolis Office. Through the available mediums of contact, international and domestic passengers can seek responses in relation to their questions. Both in-flight and on-ground queries are responded to by this office.

Some common queries addressed by the Minneapolis-based office are: 

Online check-inFlight status Seat allocationsVisa assistance
Lost and delayed luggageImmigration documentsCondor AppTravel class
On-board facilitiesAirport amenities Special assistanceOffers on tickets
Animal travel guideFlight cancellationsRefund claimFlight change

What Services are Offered by Condor Airlines Minneapolis Office?

Flyers can reserve both on-ground and in-air services with the Condor Airline office in Minneapolis. Both domestic and international flyers can make use of these services, as per availability. To provide the same, the office staff readily assists them before, during, or even after flights. 

Some of the services offered by this office in Minneapolis include:

Ticket Reservations

The Condor Airlines Minneapolis Ticketing Office assists passengers in making reservations for their flights. They can connect with it to learn about booking options. Information regarding online and offline reservation processes can be availed. In order to make a booking, the available routes can also be inquired about.

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Check-in Assistance

Flyers can contact the Condor Airlines Office in Minneapolis to gain information regarding check-in services. This includes information on online check-in via the website of this airline or its official mobile application – “Condor”. In case they want to check in at the airport, information can be obtained for the same.

Baggage Information

Travelers can get information on baggage weight and size from the Cordor Airlines Office located in Minneapolis. It is important to know the approved items to pack correctly. Additionally, one can inquire about location-wise allowance to avoid unfortunate circumstances at the airport.

Flight Change

The Condor Minneapolis Office provides information regarding flight change services. This service helps in modifying bookings. It includes selecting new travel dates and adjusting seating preferences. In case modifications cannot be made, the office provides guidance for rebooking flights.

Ticket Cancellation

Passengers can receive information about Condor Airlines’ cancellation policies with the help of this office in Minneapolis. It helps them with the process of cancelling their tickets. In addition, the officials inform passengers about the fees charged. They also help them to identify different ways to pay the charges for revoking tickets.

Meals and Beverages

The Condor Airlines Minneapolis Office provides information on the meal options available at short, medium, and long-haul flights. Flyers can order advanced meals if available. They can seek assistance from this office regarding choices for meals and beverages as per the class of travel.

Seat Allocations

Passengers can learn about seat selection options and make last-minute modifications at the Condor Airlines Airport Office in Minneapolis. This includes preferred seat assignments, extra legroom seats, and other seating preferences for a comfortable journey.

Which Planes Do Condor Airlines Operate?

Condor Airlines serves with an expansive fleet of 61 aircraft. Through this fleet, this airline only operates passenger operations as of now. Boeing and Airbus models are used by this air carrier. The fleet is kept updated by retiring old aircraft and adding new ones. It ensures travellers’ safety and convenience too.

Boeing 767-300ER

The 767-300ER of Boeing range is known for its long-haul capabilities and features a wide-body design. It has a seating capacity of 258 seats, including 18 seats in Business class and 35 seats in Premium Economy. It offers passengers a comfortable journey with spacious seating arrangements. 

Boeing 757-300

Another key player in Condor Airlines’ fleet is the Boeing 757-300. With a narrow-body design, it offers 275 seats including 26 in the Premium Economy class. This aircraft is used for short and medium-haul operations. In relation to the facilities available onboard, the office of Condor in Minneapolis can provide the required information.

Airbus A320-200

A320-200 is a versatile plane in the fleet. Typically, it is used for short and medium-haul flights. Its narrow-body structure offers 180 seats. This seating capacity also includes 24 seats in Business class.

Airbus A330-200

Known for its long-haul capabilities, the Airbus A330-200 is a wide-body aircraft. This aircraft is suitable for short and medium-haul operations too. With a seating capacity of 256 seats, it offers 22 seats for Business class travellers. It ensures an array of amenities, including entertainment options and enhanced seating.

Airbus A320neo

The Airbus A320neo is a newer addition to the fleet, designed to be more fuel-efficient. It combines the narrow-body structure with modern amenities. Also, this aircraft is an eco-friendly and comfortable choice for short to medium-haul flights.

Airbus A330-900

As an upgraded version of the A330, the Airbus A330-900 boasts an extended range and enhanced in-flight features. The wide-body design provides ample space for passengers to relax and enjoy their journey. The Minneapolis Office of Condor can be contacted to know about the amenities provided on this aircraft.

Airbus A321-200

The Airbus A321-200 is a narrow-body aircraft. It is suitable for short and medium-haul routes. This plane has a seating capacity of 210 to 220 seats with 24 Business class seats. It is popular for holiday destinations in Europe and North Africa. 

To Conclude

Overall, the Condor Airlines Minneapolis Office ensures convenience to its travellers. It handles passenger queries and complaints on a regular basis. To convey these travel concerns, one can contact this office via phone, email, or visit in person. The airline office is known for its quick and reliable solutions.

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FAQs on Condor Airlines Minneapolis Office

What is the Condor Airlines Minneapolis Office address?

4300 Glumack Dr, St Paul, MN 55111

What are the operating hours of the Condor Airlines Minneapolis Office?

Monday to Friday 10:00 AM to 04:00 PM

Where is the Condor Airlines Minneapolis Airport Office located?

Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport

Can I make flight reservations with the Condor Airlines Minneapolis Ticketing Office?

Yes, passengers can easily make reservations at this Minneapolis office.

What services does the Condor Airlines Minneapolis Baggage Office offer?

Baggage handling and tracking are a few services offered by this Minneapolis office.

How can I contact the Condor Airlines Minneapolis Office?

(612) 726-5555

Can I contact Condor Airlines Minneapolis Office via email?

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