Delta Alcohol Policy

Based at Atlanta, Georgia, Delta Airlines is one of the finest air operators in the country. This airline is best-known for its cost-effective scheduled flight services and flexible policies. And when it comes to traveling with or carrying alcohol or liquor, the airline has different rules for it. If you want to learn more about the Delta alcohol policy, then stay tuned for more.

Delta Airlines Alcohol Policy

Even though this airline does not allow any perishable items such as checked or carry-on items, passengers are advised to bring such items at their own risk. If we talk about carrying alcohol, liquor, etc., you can bring it if you have bought it after the security checkpoint or in the checked baggage. However, it should meet the rules listed under Delta sigma theta alcohol policy.

Check out the following to know the same:

  • Alcohol or liquor should not exceed the limit of 140 proof
  • Per ticketed passenger, only 5 liters of liquor or alcohol will be permitted
  • If you are bringing alcohol below 48 proof, it will not be considered a hazardous item. Hence, it will be allowed
  • Such items should be kept in the original unopened and retail packaging
  • With original packaging, you can onboard the flight
  • Checked and/or carry-on baggage rules will be applied if the alcohol or liquor is bought prior the security checkpoint

Carry-On Baggage Rules

As mentioned earlier, Delta Airlines Carry-On Baggage rules may apply on bringing liquor or alcohol in certain cases (as per Delta alcohol policy), you must keep the following to know more:

Size Limits

Combined LengthMaximum up to 114cm/ 45 linear inches
Individual Length56cm x 35cm x 23cm/ 22inches x 14inches x 9inches

Weight Limits

Even though there is no specific weight limit, you will need to follow the below listed rules if traveling to one of the following destinations:

Beijing (China)maximum up to 22lbs/ 10kg
Shanghai (China)maximum up to 22lbs/ 10kg
Singapore (Singapore)maximum up to 15lbs/ 7kg

Checked Baggage Rules

Checked baggage guidelines may also apply in different scenarios on bringing alcohol or liquor. So, keep the following in mind beforehand:

Maximum Size62 linear inches
Maximum Weight50lbs (each bag)
Applicable Fees for 1st Checked BagUSD30
Applicable Fees for 2nd Checked BagUSD40

Final Words

Do you have any doubt or question? Get in touch with the customer support of Delta Airlines via a phone call. You can also browse through the official website to learn more about the same. No matter what way you choose to collect more details on phi Delta theta alcohol policy, you are advised to read and review everything thoroughly to make an informed decision and ensure a stress-free travel.

FAQs Related on Delta Alcohol Policy

Look at the following to know the answers to some frequently asked questions about Delta alcohol policy and related aspects:

No. As per the Delta policy for alcohol, you must keep it in the original and unopened packing only.

Yes, you can bring it but you must keep the applicable rules in mind.

According to the policy of Delta Airlines, a ticketed passenger can only bring alcohol or liquor with the maximum limit of up to 5 liters. You can get in touch with the customer support of Delta to learn more about the same.

Yes, you can bring it. However, as per the rules of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), any alcoholic drink that is less than 70% but more than 24% will be allowed in checked baggage.

The limit is 5 liters per ticketed passenger. In case you need more details about the alcohol policy and rules for alcoholic beverages, you are advised to connect with customer support of Delta Airlines. You can also visit the official website of this air operator to get detailed information.

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