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Note: This not airlines official number +1-800-491-0297. It may connect you with travel agency.

00 62 21 23519999

New Delhi, Delhi, India


Garuda Indonesia is the national flag carrier of Indonesia and one of the leading airlines in Southeast Asia. It operates a fleet of over 202 aircraft. Through these, the airline connects more than 90 destinations worldwide. More than 600 flights on a daily basis are executed to diverse places such as Delhi. This carrier is known for its excellent services in such locations. The highly trained staff at the Garuda Indonesia Delhi Office is readily available to assist passengers with concerns they may have during their travel or while using these services. The concerns can be related to the in-flight facilities and airport services the airline offers to its customers. 

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This airline, Garuda Indonesia, is popular among travellers due to its safety and top-notch service in the world of aviation. It has a conveniently located office in Delhi which is available to assist passengers with a variety of needs when using its services. The office can help passengers with flight bookings for groups/individuals, check-in, baggage handling, and other travel-related matters. Garuda Indonesia Office in this province is also a suitable body to get information about its flight services, frequency, and policies. Passengers can get help regarding baggage policy, flight schedules, or booking their next trip. The office is dedicated to ensuring that their travel experience begins smoothly right from this beautiful island. 

Garuda, Indonesia’s national carrier, is one of the prestigious names. It was founded on 26th January 1949. Since then, it has established offices in locations like Delhi, India. With this carrier, passengers can rely on an experience that perfectly blends modernity and reliability. Garuda Indonesia is a great airline that offers a high level of service and convenience on most days and during most hours. It is associated with representatives who are apt to resolve simple and complex queries of travellers. Moreover, with such representatives, Garuda Indonesia’s office is continuously striving to improve its services for the satisfaction of passengers.

General Information of Garuda Indonesia Delhi Office

Having general information about Garuda Indonesia for the passengers who are travelling with it is crucial. Especially, when they are travelling to a foreign country, this should be obtained. This will help passengers avoid any confusion and obtain accurate information at the airport or during flight. 

Garuda Indonesia Delhi Office Phone Number+1-800-491-0297 or 00 62 21 23519999
Headquarters Soekarno–Hatta International Airport in Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia
Delhi Office Location New Delhi, Delhi, India
Working Hours 24 Hours
Operational Days Monday-Sunday
Official Website

What is the Garuda Indonesia Delhi Office Address?

The office address of Garuda is useful at times when travellers are planning a trip to a fully new destination from Delhi. Even to travel to this location, they can utilize this piece of information. The office staff can assist them with their travel itineraries and help them in booking flights accordingly in no time. 

This airline’s officials can help the passengers with all travel concerns after making contact with them. The Garuda Indonesia Delhi Office Address is mentioned below:

New Delhi, Delhi, India

  • Easily find the office’s location for face-to-face support in travel matters.
  • Visit the office to manage last-minute flight changes to ensure the travel plans remain on track.
  • Connect with the office for instant reservations, whether domestic or international.

What is the Garuda Indonesia Delhi Airport Office?

The Garuda Indonesia Airline operates from the Indira Gandhi International Airport, based in Delhi. It also has an office located at this airport. Through this body, it assists its passengers with travel queries. One can visit this office in disconcerting situations like missing a flight. However, in such moments of crisis, the airport office becomes an invaluable resource. It serves as a point of reference where passengers can seek assistance from. 

The Garuda Indonesia Delhi Airport Office address is as follows:

Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi, Delhi 110037

  • Locate the airport office address for timely help with:
    • Missed trips
    • Rescheduled flights
    • Delays in flights
  • Visit the office for face-to-face assistance with travel issues or to book services.
  • Access this address for urgent inquiries about flights, baggage, and more.

What is the Garuda Indonesia Delhi Office Phone Number?

The Delhi office phone number can help passengers who need a last-minute reservation for emergency travel. With just a dial, one can secure that seat on a flight with Garuda Indonesia Airlines in no time. Whether it’s a family emergency or an Unexpected business trip, this number is the key to an instant resolution.  

Garuda Indonesia Delhi Office phone number 00 62 21 23519999 can be dialled in relation to the following: 

  • Passengers can reach out to book or modify their flight reservations.
  • By dialling this number, travellers can get real-time updates on flight schedules.
  • Those who seek information about baggage policies can contact the office number. 
  • Clarity regarding Garuda’s check-in services can be attained over the phone.

How Much is Baggage Allowance Offered by Garuda Indonesia Airlines? 

To pack rightly, it is essential to be well-informed about the baggage allowance while travelling with Garuda Indonesia Airlines. Understanding the luggage restrictions and policies can help passengers pack efficiently and avoid any inconvenience with respect to extra weight during their trips. 

This carrier offers a standard baggage allowance of 32 kilograms for checked baggage and 7 kilograms for hand baggage. Passengers can also connect with the Garuda Indonesia Delhi Baggage Office for specific information about the allowance for the tickets that they have booked. Furthermore, they can inquire about charges in case of bringing overweight luggage.

Checked LuggageHand Luggage
Dimensions56 cm * 36 cm * 23 cm (115 cm combined)
Number of Bags11
Weight of 1 Bag 327

What Planes Does Garuda Indonesia Airlines Operate?

Currently, Garuda Airlines operates a diverse range of planes, including Boeing 777-300ER and Airbus A330-200 as the best models. The fleet is big enough to accommodate various other models too. 

As part of an ongoing fleet extension program, Garuda Indonesia continuously acquires new aircraft to enhance service quality. Garuda Indonesia Delhi Office has officials with updated knowledge about the same to inform passengers about the services to expect on board.

Boeing 777-300ER

Often used by Garuda, the Boeing 777-300ER  is a long-haul aircraft offering a range of 14,492 km. It features 3 cabin classes – First, Executive, and Economy with a seating capacity of 8, 38, and 268 passengers, respectively. It provides exceptional comfort on a range of long-haul routes. 

Airbus A330-300

With a range of 11297 km, the Airbus A330-300 is suitable for medium-haul flights. It contains spacious cabins. They come with around 36 seats in the First Class. There are around 250 seats in Economy. This aircraft offers a comfortable and efficient travel experience.

Airbus A330-200

The Airbus A330-200 is another medium-haul aircraft with a range of 13427 km. It features 36 First-Class and 186 Economy-Class seats. This plane provides a balance between capacity and range. It can fly up to a speed of 913 kph. It is not only efficient but also safe to fly with.

Airbus A330-900neo

A330-900neo is a significantly large plane. The Airbus aircraft is a state-of-the-art model. It comes with a range of 12,038 kilometres. It offers 24 First-Class and 277 Economy class seats. Since it has a body that is quite wide, seats are more comfortable with enough legroom available.

Boeing 737 Max 8 

Garuda Indonesia operates Boeing 737 Max 8 on certain routes. This model is suitable for short to medium-haul flights with a range of around 6,510 kilometres. It offers 8 First class and 162 Economy class seats. Although seats are limited, onboard services are given. Connecting with the Garuda Indonesia Delhi Airport Office can help one to know about these services.

Boeing 737-800NG 

The Boeing 737-800NG is one of the most efficient models in the aviation industry. It has a range of 5,713 kilometres. This aircraft features 12 First Class and 150 or 162 Economy Class seats. It makes it ideal for short to medium-haul routes. It has a great fuel capacity and a larger in-flight area.

Bombardier CRJ1000 NextGen

Interestingly, the Bombardier CRJ1000 NextGen is a well-suited aircraft for regional routes. It has a medium range of 3,004 kilometres. It offers 12 First class seats. 84 Economy class seats are available for its passengers. It provides efficiency and convenience for shorter flights. This plane offers good in-flight entertainment features. 

ATR 72-600

Garuda Indonesia operates ATR 72-600 with a short range of 1,648 kilometers. It is best for regional and short-haul routes. It only features 70 Economy class seats. As of now, this makes it a reliable choice for connecting flights.

Which Queries are Handled by Garuda Indonesia Airlines?

Garuda Airlines understands that travel can be concerning, especially when travellers have unresolved questions and concerns. For them, it is important to know that officials are available 24 hours for assistance. Passengers can resolve queries related to their flight schedules, baggage allowances, etc. 

The Garuda Indonesia Delhi Office handles various other queries too. Some of them are mentioned below:

Missing LuggageImmigration ServicesIn-Flight Wi-FiAirport Wi-Fi
In-Flight EntertainmentCorporate Reward ProgramVIP Lounge ServiceDelayed Flights
Concierge ServicesGaruda LoungeIn-Flight Duty-Free ItemsAirport Facilities
Bookings for PetsSkyTeam Lounges
SkyPriorityGarudaMiles Loyalty Program

Which Services are Provided by Garuda Indonesia Delhi Office, Indonesia?

Garuda Indonesia Delhi Office is committed to enhancing the travel experience in every way possible by making various flight services accessible. From streamlined check-in options to personalized premium services, other facilities are given too. Efficient luggage handling, special aid, etc., are further offered. 

Check-in Services
Garuda Indonesia Delhi Office, Garuda Indonesia Delhi Office Address, Garuda Indonesia Delhi Airport Office, Garuda Indonesia Delhi Office Phone Number, Garuda Indonesia Delhi Airport Office Address, Garuda Indonesia Delhi Office Email Address

This carrier understands that more time is required when check-in services are complex. That’s why it provides a variety of simple check-in options to suit passenger convenience. Whether a traveller prefers mobile, web-based, or city check-in, the airline offers flexibility. So, one can choose the method that best suits one’s schedule and preferences.

Premium Services for Flyers
Garuda Indonesia Delhi Office, Garuda Indonesia Delhi Office Address, Garuda Indonesia Delhi Airport Office, Garuda Indonesia Delhi Office Phone Number, Garuda Indonesia Delhi Airport Office Address, Garuda Indonesia Delhi Office Email Address

For passengers seeking an extra level of comfort and personalized attention, the national airline of Indonesia offers premium services. One can relax and enjoy the airline’s new comfortable seating facility. Experienced officers and special staff members will attend to their needs. Aside from Premium Service Assistants, exclusive check-in options will also be given.

Baggage Facilities
Garuda Indonesia Delhi Office, Garuda Indonesia Delhi Office Address, Garuda Indonesia Delhi Airport Office, Garuda Indonesia Delhi Office Phone Number, Garuda Indonesia Delhi Airport Office Address, Garuda Indonesia Delhi Office Email Address

Garuda Indonesia Delhi Office believes in keeping passengers well informed about baggage rules and regulations. Their comprehensive information covers general luggage rules. Although the airline offers free baggage allowance based on different reservations in case of extra luggage, passengers can get the information from the office.  

Special Assistance Services 
Garuda Indonesia Delhi Office, Garuda Indonesia Delhi Office Address, Garuda Indonesia Delhi Airport Office, Garuda Indonesia Delhi Office Phone Number, Garuda Indonesia Delhi Airport Office Address, Garuda Indonesia Delhi Office Email Address

Passengers with special requirements or medical conditions can count on Garuda Indonesia Airlines to provide the necessary assistance and care. Whether a concern involves medical conditions or travelling during pregnancy, this airline has the passengers covered. Airport counters can be contacted to convey the specific requirements.

Seat Selection and Excess Baggage

Garuda Indonesia allows travellers to reserve extra legroom seats in advance when booking their tickets via their website. This service ensures they have the seat that suits their preferences. While doing so, passengers can purchase excess baggage in advance to save their time and effort at the airport.

Manage Bookings and Travel Documents
Garuda Indonesia Delhi Office, Garuda Indonesia Delhi Office Address, Garuda Indonesia Delhi Airport Office, Garuda Indonesia Delhi Office Phone Number, Garuda Indonesia Delhi Airport Office Address, Garuda Indonesia Delhi Office Email Address

The Garuda Indonesia Delhi Office simplifies the modification of flight details through the airline’s website. It comprises the “Manage My Booking” feature after accessing “My Trip”. It empowers passengers to make changes with ease, ensuring flexibility in their travel plans. Also, they can easily access information about the travel documents required for the destination. 

Traveling with Children and Infants

With this airline, travelling with little ones can be a unique experience. Garuda Indonesia Airlines provides guidelines for flying with children and Infants. It offers the assurance that young passengers are well cared for and kept safe during their journeys.

E-Boarding Pass

Garuda Indonesia Airlines embraces technology, hence, it offers electronic boarding passes. This service is available at select Indonesian airports. This digital innovation simplifies the boarding process and enhances travel convenience. One can associate with the Garuda Indonesia Ticketing Office Delhi to seek details regarding the use of this service.

Garuda Indonesia – Passenger Freighter

Final Thoughts 

The Garuda Indonesia office in Delhi is a helpful resource for those travelling from/to Delhi. It offers a wide range of services including flight reservations and baggage. It is a body to depend on for help with travel-related queries. The office is equipped with professionals to assist passengers.  

FAQs Related to Garuda Indonesia Delhi Office

The Garuda Indonesia office address is New Delhi, Delhi, India.

Garuda Delhi office contact number is – 00 62 21 23519999. 

Yes, one can call the Garuda Delhi office for any concerns or to reserve a service.

The ticketing office of this airline is located at Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi, Delhi 110037.

Yes, one can book flights with Garuda Delhi Office.

Usually, the office of this carrier operates 24 hours a day.

Yes, one can get help from the airline’s office for check-in assistance.

The carrier’s baggage office is located at Indira Gandhi International Airport.

Typically, the office is open on all days of the week.

The services offered by the Garuda office include -visa-on-arrival, baggage services, and reservations.

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