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Note: This not airlines official number +1-800-491-0297. It may connect you with travel agency.

+249 92 227 6253

JG3J+Q56, Al Khartoum, Sudan


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Gulf Air, the flag carrier of Bahrain operates its flights to various destinations around the globe. One of the important cities among these destinations is Khartoum. To operate in this location, the Gulf Air Khartoum Office serves significant operations. It stands as a go-to place for passengers travelling to and from Sudan. It is a reliable resource for passengers with various needs to be met and queries to be resolved. Additionally, one can file complaints at this office for redressal.

Located in Sudan, this office can be reached to make requests and modifications. To make travel-related requests, passengers are required to contact Gulf Air’s office. Both online and offline mediums are available to contact this body. One can visit the office address for in-person assistance. Moreover, one can reach the airline via phone or email. To serve passengers, this office generally operates 24 hours, seven days a week.

General Details of Gulf Air Khartoum Office

For passengers travelling with Gulf Air, it is important to know the necessary details of the airline. The general details consist of headquarters, Khartoum Airport, and operational days.

Office Phone Number+1-800-491-0297 or +249 92 227 6253
Customer Service Number+973 1619 7254
Headquarters AddressManama, Bahrain
Working Hours7 days of the week (24×7)
Official Website
Flight Booking
Manage Booking
Flight Status
Online Check-In
Facebook Support
Twitter Support
Youtube Support
Instagram Support

What is the Gulf Air Khartoum Office Address?

The flag carrier of Bahrain has its office located at Khartoum. This office operates 24 hours a week to assist passengers facing issues during their travel. The Gulf Air Khartoum Office address can be used to reach this office and seek help for the same.

Given below is the Gulf Air Office address in Khartoum:

JG3J+Q56, Al Khartoum, Sudan

What is the Email Address of the Gulf Air Khartoum Office?

Travellers can contact the office of Gulf Air in Khartoum via email. They can use the email address for this purpose. It’s a suitable form of communication for passengers preferring non-voice mediums. This email address can be used to send well-elaborated queries or concerns.

What is the Gulf Air Khartoum Office Phone Number?

This Bahrain-based airline provides assistance to flyers in different ways including calls. To fulfil this aspect, 1800 123 7474 is the Gulf Air Khartoum Office phone number to be dialled for assistance. This contact number can be used to communicate with a team of professionals, offering help regarding various travel queries. 

Gulf Air Khartoum Airport Office Phone Number

At KRT or Khartoum International Airport, Gulf Air can be contacted for queries. Passengers can contact this airline at Khartoum Airport. This number can be used to inquire about the airport facilities and check-in procedures. One can seek assistance regarding baggage allowances on the phone. Additionally, special assistance requests can be made on calls for disabled travellers.

What is the Baggage Allowance for Gulf Air?

The flag carrier of Bahrain, Gulf Air, offers a suitable baggage allowance for passengers. This includes checked bags, carry-on bags, and specific items. The standard baggage allowance is 23kg and can go up to 32 kg. Free allowances may vary depending on the class one is travelling with. 

Passengers can refer to the following table to know the specific details on the dimensions and weight of different luggage types.

Baggage TypeDimensionsWeight
Checked-in Luggage76cm x 51cm x 31cm23 kg
Luggage for children (2+ years)76cm x 51cm x 31cm23 kg
Baggage for children below 2 years of age15 kg
Infants44cm x 35cm x 20cm3 kg

What are Gulf Air Khartoum Baggage Office Services?

This carrier’s office in Khartoum offers various baggage services to avoid unseen circumstances. The Gulf Air Khartoum Baggage Office is available to help passengers with their lost or damaged belongings. In these instances, the office staff guides them to recover their baggage after raising a concern or filing a report to higher authorities.

Which Aircraft are Operated by Gulf Air?

Gulf Air ensures a comfortable traveller experience with a fleet size of 35 airliners. This fleet comprises both narrow and wide-body aircraft. Moreover, the airline presents a mix of Airbus models and Boeing for domestic as well as international passenger operations.

  1. Airbus A320: The narrow-body aircraft, Airbus A320, offers a seating capacity of 146 passengers.  It is known for its fuel efficiency and is suitable for short to medium-range operations. Gulf Air provides comfortable seating and entertainment screens for the convenience of travellers.
  2. Airbus A321: With a capacity of 169 seats, the Airbus A321 is one of the prominent aircraft of Gulf Air. It is a narrow-body plane suitable for short to medium-range routes. These aircraft provide in-flight facilities like seat back screens and in-seat power supply to charge gadgets like phones and tablets.
  3. Airbus A320neo: This airliner is the enhanced version of the A320 with a new engine. Airbus A320neo is a narrow-body aeroplane covering both short and long-range routes. It has a Falcon Gold cabin and an economy cabin with 136 seats in total. This plane offers an entertainment screen and USB port for passenger convenience.
  4. Airbus A321neo: Gulf Air operates its short to medium-range operations with Airbus A321neo. It is a narrow-body aircraft that offers 16 seats in the Falcon Gold cabin and 150 seats in the Economy cabin. This airliner provides an entertainment screen with a touchscreen controller.
  5. Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner: This aircraft consists of two compartments, a Falcon Gold cabin with 26 seats and an Economy cabin with 256 seats. Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner is a wide-body airliner, suitable for long-haul routes. Moreover, it is fully equipped with an in-flight entertainment system, wifi, and USB ports.

Which Queries are Handled by the Gulf Air Khartoum Office?

The Gulf Air Khartoum office handles a wide range of passenger queries, including those related to standard baggage allowance. Passengers can contact the office to inquire about the weight and size restrictions for checked and carry-on baggage, as well as the number of bags allowed per person.

Other common queries are mentioned below:

Manage bookingExtra baggage allowanceItinerary details
Check-in onlineSeat selectionAirport information
Terminal detailsIn-flight meals Entertainment on-board
Visa documentsTravel InsuranceTravel insurance
Delayed flightsImmigration serviceFalconflyer program
Flight statusUnaccompanied minorSpecial assistance

What Services does the Gulf Air Khartoum Office Offer?

Gulf Air’s office in Khartoum can be reached for service reservations. It offers a variety of services for both domestic and international passengers. One of the most important services is assistance with in-flight facilities. Flyers can obtain information on amenities and services available on Gulf Air flights.

Other major services provided by this office are discussed below:

Ticket Reservation

Travelers can easily make reservations with the help of the Gulf Air Khartoum Ticketing Office. This service involves assisting passengers in selecting their desired travel dates, destinations, and travel class (Economy, Business, etc.). The office staff helps customers find the most suitable flights and guides them through the booking process.

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Check-in Process

Before boarding a flight, the check-in process is a crucial step. To go through this process comfortably, this airline’s office provides information and guidance on various check-in options. These can include online check-in, mobile check-in, or in-person check-in at the airport. This body helps travellers understand the requirements, timeframe, and necessary documents to present during the procedure.

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Baggage Information

For flyers, it is always important to know the baggage policies, allowances, and restrictions. To ensure the same, the Gulf Air Khartoum baggage office provides all essential information related to the free allowance or carry-on and checked luggage. The office staff can also provide details on excess baggage fees, size, and weight limits.

Flight Change

Sometimes, travellers need to make changes to their flight itineraries due to unforeseen circumstances or changing plans. The office of Gulf Air facilitates the flight change process by assisting travellers in modifying their existing bookings. They can guide them through the steps required to reschedule their flights, select new travel dates, etc.

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Ticket Cancellation

The Khartoum Office plays a crucial role in providing information about the airline’s cancellation policies, including potential fees or refunds. They assist passengers in the process of cancelling their tickets, whether it’s for individual or multiple passengers. This service helps travellers navigate the cancellation process effectively, minimizing any financial impact.

Flight Schedule & Status

Passengers often need to stay updated on their flight’s status and schedule, especially to avoid delays or inconveniences. Gulf Air Office in Khartoum offers access to real-time flight information, including departure and arrival times, gate details, and any potential delays or changes.

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In Summary

The Gulf Air Khartoum Office usually operates 24/7. It offers essential services for a smooth journey. From reservations to flight updates, this office is a vital source of information. Moreover, Gulf Air handles complaints and provides prompt solutions for passengers traveling to/from Khartoum.

Before you Fly

FAQs on Gulf Air Khartoum Office

What is the Gulf Air Khartoum Office address?

JG3J+Q56, Al Khartoum, Sudan

What is the Gulf Air Khartoum Office phone number?

+249 92 227 6253

Where is the Gulf Air Khartoum Airport Office located?

This office is situated at Khartoum International Airport.

Does Gulf Air Khartoum Ticketing Office make flight reservations?

Yes, one can visit the Gulf Air Office in Khartoum to make reservations.

Can Gulf Air Khartoum Baggage Office help in tracking luggage?

Yes, passengers can track their luggage with the help of this office.

When does the Gulf Air Khartoum Office open?

Usually, this office remains open 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Does the Gulf Air Khartoum Airport Office

provide special assistance?

Yes, passengers with special needs can seek assistance from this office.

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