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Note: This not airlines official number +1-800-491-0297. It may connect you with travel agency.

+62 21 8892316

Ruko Bekasi Mas, Jl. Ahmad Yani No.4, RT.004/RW.003, Marga Jaya, Kec. Bekasi Sel., Kota Bks, Jawa Barat 17141, Indonesia


Lion Air (PT Lion Mentari Airlines) is a popular Indonesian low-cost carrier and is Indonesia’s largest private airline. Are you considering a trip from Bekasi with Lion Air? Ensure that you have the contact information for Lion Air Office Bekasi addresses easily accessible. 

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It is crucial to comprehend the procedure of creating, altering, and canceling flight reservations with Lion Air. Having accurate and up-to-date contact information is crucial for effective communication and business operations. Explore everything you need to know about the Lion Air Office in Bekasi in this detailed guide. 

Lion Air Bekasi Office Contact Information

Bekasi Airlines boasts a team of highly skilled professionals committed to delivering exceptional assistance. The airline’s Bekasi team comprises skilled and knowledgeable members who excel in providing customized and efficient solutions tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Discover the extensive range of services and facilities offered by the Lion Air office in Bekasi. To obtain valuable information and establish contact, please utilise the airline’s information provided such as Lion Air Office Bekasi Address and Lion Air Office Bekasi Phone Number, etc. details listed in the table below.

Lion Air Bekasi Office AddressRuko Bekasi Mas, Jl. Ahmad Yani No.4, RT.004/RW.003, Marga Jaya, Kec. Bekasi Sel., Kota Bks, Jawa Barat 17141, Indonesia
Lion Air Bekasi Office Working HoursEveryday – 24hrs
 Lion Air Bekasi Office Contact Number+1-800-491-0297 or +62 21 8892316
Lion Air Bekasi Airport Office Phone Number+62 21 80899217
Lion Air Headquarters’ AddressCentral Jakarta, Indonesia
Lion Air Official Website
Lion Air Online Check-in
Lion Air Manage Booking
Lion Air Facebook Support
Lion Air Instagram Support
Lion Air Twitter Support

Services Offered at the Lion Air Bekasi Office

When traveling to Bekasi, tourists can depend on the Lion Air Bekasi ticketing office for professional assistance and advice to ensure a hassle-free trip. 

The airline’s dedicated staff at the airline’s Bekasi office is available to assist you with any concerns or services related to flight bookings, cancellations, refunds, promotional offers, and more. They can be relied upon to offer the necessary support. Discover the diverse array of services they provide below.


Lion Air Check-in Policy

Airport Check-inThe check-in for domestic flights in Indonesia closes 30 minutes prior to departure time for passengers of all classes. The check-in process for international flights concludes 45 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time, applicable to passengers of all classes. The boarding gate closes 15 minutes before the scheduled departure time.
Web Check-inWeb check-in is available 24–4 hours before your flight. Passengers should arrive 30 minutes before departure. Checked baggage can be checked in online. You must check your luggage at the check-in desk. To avoid delays at security and boarding, bring a printed copy of your E-ticket. After web check-in, only customer service can change your flight. Call 021 6379 8000 or 0804-1-778899.
Mobile Check-inUnfortunately, Lion Air does not offer the convenience of mobile check-in for its passengers.
Lion Air Bekasi Office, Lion Air Bekasi Office Address, Lion Air Bekasi Airport Office, Lion Air Bekasi Office Phone Number, Lion Air Bekasi Airport Office Address, Lion Air Bekasi Office Phone Number, Lion Air Bekasi Office Email Address

One can follow these steps for a smooth check-in process:-

  1. You have two options for locating the Lion Air office in Bekasi: Google Maps or the provided address. Proceed directly to the check-in desk to initiate the necessary flight preparations upon arrival at the Lion Air office.
  2. To receive assistance from Lion Air, please provide your booking reference or ticket number in addition to the required flight information.
  3. When you locate your reservation, please provide your seating preferences and any additional requirements.
  4. If a customer has not selected a seat, staff will assign one based on availability. 
  5. Before issuing a boarding pass, the agent will inspect and classify your luggage if a baggage check is required.
  6. An efficient voyage begins with check-in. After check-in, the airline will issue a confirmation and boarding pass. It validates your reservation and allows you to board the aircraft. You can confidently organize your travel and reserve your seat with these documents.

Lion Air Flight Booking Policy

It is strongly recommended that passengers confirm their flights at least three days before their travel. If there have been any adjustments made to your flight schedule, it is imperative that you reconfirm your journey as soon as possible. 

You can get in touch with the airline about your tickets by either sending an email or phoning your sales agent directly. Both of these options are open to you.

Lion Air Bekasi Office, Lion Air Bekasi Office Address, Lion Air Bekasi Airport Office, Lion Air Bekasi Office Phone Number, Lion Air Bekasi Airport Office Address, Lion Air Bekasi Office Phone Number, Lion Air Bekasi Office Email Address

One can follow these steps for a smooth Flight Booking process:-

  1. For convenience, visit Lion Air’s airport office. The airline’s professional representatives are ready to answer any travel-related questions. Submit a detailed travel schedule.
  2. The Lion Air representative will adjust the dates and options. Choose a flight from the agent’s list.
  3. To book a flight, passengers must submit to the travel agency their name, passport, and payment information.
  4. To make the process of purchasing plane tickets as easy as possible, airlines frequently accept a variety of payment options, including cash, credit cards, and debit cards. 
  5. The airline offers customers the option of buying tickets in traditional or digital formats. After your payment has been successfully processed, you will afterward get an email with the format of the ticket. 
  6. You are highly advised to speak with an airline agent to confirm your reservation. This will ensure that the details of your reservation are correct.

Lion Air Flight Change Policy

In the case that an airline modifies or cancels a flight, passengers are entitled to a free flight change. Passengers have the option to modify a flight reservation once without incurring additional costs. There can only be a three-day maximum difference between the revised itinerary and your original departure date.

Lion Air Bekasi Office, Lion Air Bekasi Office Address, Lion Air Bekasi Airport Office, Lion Air Bekasi Office Phone Number, Lion Air Bekasi Airport Office Address, Lion Air Bekasi Office Phone Number, Lion Air Bekasi Office Email Address

One can follow these steps for a smooth Flight Change process:-

  1. Modifying your travel plans can be conveniently accomplished by contacting a representative from Lion Air. This will alleviate unnecessary stress during the process.
  2. To access the details of your reservation, kindly provide either the booking reference or ticket number associated with your booking.
  3. Please provide the airline staff with either the date or location of your intended departure for their convenience.
  4. Once you have made your selection, the assigned individual will provide guidance and assistance throughout the rebooking procedure.
  5. The airline representative will assess your request and provide you with details on the various options available for making changes.
  6. Lion Air ensures prompt communication with its customers regarding any updates or modifications to their tickets or pricing. 
  7. Please promptly submit a payment to settle the remaining balance. 
  8. Once you request a flight alteration, Lion Air will promptly provide you with a new confirmation document containing all the necessary updated details. Kindly verify the flight schedule for any recent updates. 

Lion Air Flight Upgrade Policy

If there are seats available, it is possible to upgrade to business class at the airport. Lion Air offers several options, including the use of miles, cash or card purchases, and a bidding system, for upgrading your travel. Any eligible flights and pricing types may be upgraded utilizing a variety of techniques. 

Lion Air Bekasi Office, Lion Air Bekasi Office Address, Lion Air Bekasi Airport Office, Lion Air Bekasi Office Phone Number, Lion Air Bekasi Airport Office Address, Lion Air Bekasi Office Phone Number, Lion Air Bekasi Office Email Address

One can follow these steps for a smooth Flight Upgrade process:-

  1. The Lion Air office in Bekasi is located at Halim Perdanakusuma International Airport. You can use either Google Maps or the provided table to find its location.
  2. To ensure a seamless flight booking process, it is advised to reach out to a Lion Air office staff or an authorized airline representative. To optimize your travel experience, it is advisable to notify the airline about your specific preferences. The airline’s skilled team is prepared to provide you with assistance.
  3. To improve the airline’s service to you, kindly provide your booking reference.
  4. Airlines may provide the opportunity to upgrade to a superior level of service, subject to availability.
  5. Staff members base their determination of upgrade eligibility on variables such as upgrade price, seat availability, and flight frequency.
  6. The airline representative will make premium upgrades available to you if any are available.
  7. The airline may give you the choice to upgrade to a roomier and more comfortable seat once you complete your ticket payment.

Lion Air Flight Cancellation Policy

The cancellation policy put in place by Lion Air permits customers to change their flight plans up to 24 hours after booking. If the cancellation is not made inside this window, travelers may still do so up until the start of their Lion Air trip. However, the airline will charge a modest cancellation fee. The procedure for cancelling a Lion Air flight is thoroughly explained in this article.

One can follow these steps for a smooth Flight Cancellation process:-

  1. For a more personalized and interactive experience, it is strongly advised to schedule a face-to-face meeting at the Lion Air office. By leveraging this functionality, users can access tailored assistance to enhance their comprehension of our offerings. Kindly inform the airline personnel about the cancellation of your reservation and briefly explain the reason for terminating your flight.
  2. To facilitate easy access for airline representatives to your reservation, kindly provide the booking reference or ticket number associated with your booking. 
  3. The Lion Air representative is responsible for informing customers about the airline’s cancellation policy and offering necessary assistance and support. The airline’s team will analyze the charges and reimbursements related to your reservation in detail.
  4. Cancellation fees are determined by the fare policies or service category selected by the customer.
  5. Upon successful cancellation, you will receive an email confirmation as evidence of your request being processed.

How to Contact Lion Air Bekasi Office?

To obtain Lion Air’s contact details, kindly refer to their official website. For the specific information you require, kindly refer to the “Contact Us” section on our website. The airline offers round-the-clock customer support to address inquiries and provide optimal solutions for passengers. Below is a table that lists reliable contact options for communicating with airlines.

  • Phone Call- To conveniently reach the Lion Air Bekasi Ticket Office, simply contact them via phone. To seek help regarding Lion Air Bekasi Airport, kindly reach out to their office at +62 21 8892316. For any flight-related questions, ticketing needs, or other services, the airline’s Bekasi office staff is here to provide you with assistance and guidance.
  • Visiting the Office– One can also pay a visit to the Lion Air Bekasi Office to get in touch with them if you’re in Bekasi. The office is situated at Ruko Bekasi Mas, Jl. Ahmad Yani No.4, RT.004/RW.003, Marga Jaya, Kec. Bekasi Sel., Kota Bks, Jawa Barat 17141, Indonesia.
  • By Mail– Additionally, to seek assistance or make inquiries, you can also contact the Lion Air Bekasi Ticketing Office via email. If you have any questions or need more information about flights, tickets, or other services, the airline’s team in Bekasi is here to help. For any travel-related concerns, customers can conveniently contact Lion Air by emailing This email address serves as a direct line of communication for assistance with reservations, refunds, and other inquiries.
  • Social Media-
FACEBOOKLion Air Group
YOUTUBELion Air Group / @LionAirGroup

What Additional Services does the Lion Air Bekasi Office offer?

Explore the exceptional features provided by Lion Air. Apart from their outstanding standard services, they also offer convenient additional services like pet transportation and access to luxurious lounges. To obtain detailed information about Lion Air’s services, it is advisable to visit their Bekasi office.

  • Pet Travel: Lion Air Group has established specific conditions for passengers who wish to bring their pets on board.
    • Exclusive to Lion Air domestic flights
    • The pets are in excellent health and are not currently pregnant.
    • The cage is designed to be leak-proof and comes with a lock for added security.
    • Pets must be accompanied by a quarantine letter confirming their good health and non-endangered status.
    • One-Day Valid Quarantine Letter
    • The weight of the animal and its cage is considered excess baggage. The excess baggage fee is calculated based on the weight per kilogram (KG), with a minimum charge of 5 KG. The remaining calculation is based on the total weight, which includes the weight of the cage.
  • Unaccompanied minor travel
    • Lion Air domestic flights have specific age categories for unaccompanied minors and young passengers. Unaccompanied minors are children aged between 5 and 12 years old, while young passengers fall within the age range of 13 to 16 years old.
    • When allowing your child to fly alone as an unaccompanied minor, it is crucial to prioritize their safety by taking all necessary precautions.
    • To learn more about Lion Air’s Unaccompanied Minors Policy, reach out to them at +62 80 4177 8899 or email
  • Special assistance:
    • The carrier has the right to deny transportation or remove any passenger who, based on their behavior or condition, is unable to take care of themselves without assistance. 
    • However, if the passenger is accompanied by an assistant who can provide the necessary care during the journey, and the passenger does not excessively rely on the aircrew for assistance, they may be allowed to travel.
  • Baggage services and inquiries: There are a few key things to think about before checking in your luggage. 
    • First and foremost, be sure to follow the weight and size limitations for checked bags set by the airline. This will assist in preventing any extra charges or hassles at the airport. 
    • Furthermore, it’s critical to tightly pack your belongings to avoid any damage during transit. 
    • Use durable bags and pack your belongings in protected cases or each piece of checked baggage is permitted to weigh a maximum of 32 kilograms (kg).
    • It is strongly encouraged for customers to avoid packing valuables like cash, jewelry, or critical papers in their checked luggage. 
    • It is advisable for passengers to keep their valuables in their carry-on luggage and to keep an eye on them while flying.
    • Airline personnel possess the jurisdiction to inquire about the safety of passengers’ baggage.
    • Customers are required to provide detailed information regarding the contents of their baggage and present it upon request.
    • Ensure that you possess a legitimate proof label for your checked baggage, adhering to the correct protocol for checking in your luggage.
    • Customers can combine their luggage allowance if they have a single reservation code. There is a 20 kg free baggage allowance per passenger and a 32 kg maximum weight limit for a single bag.
    • Please visit the official website at to receive complete baggage information. 
  • Group booking: A Group Booking International Request refers to a reservation made by a group of passengers or agencies outside of Indonesia with Lion Air Group. This type of booking involves a specific agreement between the parties involved.

Interline group booking refers to the process of making a group booking that includes flights operated by other airlines within the Lion Group.

Terms and Conditions for International Group Booking:

  • Please reserve your flight by sending an email to
  • A minimum passenger count of ten is required.
  • Unfortunately, rerouting is not allowed.
  • A deposit is not required for international group reservations. The time limit in effect determines the payment cap.
  • We gladly take bank transfer payments.
  • We take payments in USD, with the exception of SIN group reservations.
  • Tickets are issued in the local currency.
  • Gratuitous Luggage Allowance granted in conformity with pertinent provisions
  • Minimum subclass N (November) and 40 passengers will receive one reservation.
  • For FOC (Free of Charge) tickets, the following formula is used:
  • The Reservation Booking Designator (RBD), which is used to compute the Fare Quotation, was discounted by the Fare Optimization Committee.
  • Taxes that are applicable must be paid.
  • Special request:
    • Please double-check the passenger list. The airline reserves the right to deny boarding to anyone with infectious or communicable diseases for passenger safety. However, symptomatic patients, including managers, must bring their medications and needles to the Contact Center 48 hours prior to departure if they require special help. 
    • The airline may require a disabled passenger to be accompanied by their own assistant for safety purposes or if the passenger cannot assist in their own evacuation or comprehend safety instructions.
    • If prepared, the Carrier will transport a Passenger who needs special accommodations. Even if Passengers fail to mention particular demands before booking, the Carrier will try to accommodate them. Disabled travelers who advise the carrier of their needs during booking and gain approval will not be denied transportation. Such travelers may be subject to carrier or government rules.
  • Lost and Found: Baggage refers to the personal possessions of passengers that are carried on a flight, serving their needs during the journey or at their ultimate destination, with the consent of the airline.

In the event of baggage damage, lost luggage, or delayed luggage, esteemed customers are kindly advised to take the following actions:

  • Please notify the Lost & Found officer of any luggage concerns before leaving the Arrival Area.
  • Kindly ensure that the report is accompanied by essential documents, such as a baggage tag number, identity card, and boarding pass.
  • Please ensure the report’s authenticity by filling out the PIR (Property Irregularity Report) form.
  • Examining the carry-on baggage before leaving the Arrivals Zone.
  • Coverage against personal liabilities: Lion Care Travel Insurance offers reliable coverage for both domestic and international routes, ensuring dependable protection with a wide array of benefits.
    • Comprehensive Healthcare Protection for Unforeseen Ailments and Accidents
    • Travel Inconvenience Perks: Cancellation Protection, Luggage Coverage for Damage, Loss, or Theft.
    • Specialized service for urgent medical evacuation and safe return to home country.
    • Individual accountability
    • Round-the-clock emergency travel assistance
Promotions, Offers, and Loyalty Programs

The Lion Air Passport Club serves as the frequent flyer program for Lion Air. Members of the program have the opportunity to accumulate points for each flight they take. These points can then be used to obtain complimentary flights as well as exclusive rewards and privileges.

You can benefit from the following things as a Lion Air Passport Club member:

  • Earn Lion Air miles to use toward free flights.
  • Increased allowed for check-in luggage.
  • Priority boarding when flying in economy class Priority airport check-in.
  • Access to a private lounge

Lion Air, an Indonesian airline, offers cheap tickets. Lion Air, based in Jakarta, Indonesia, is Indonesia’s leading privately owned airline. This Southeast Asian low-cost carrier ranks second behind AirAsia. Lion Air is Indonesia’s second-busiest airline. Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Saudi Arabia are among its 79 destinations. Lion Air charters to China and Hong Kong destinations. Since 1999, Lion Air has grown rapidly. The airline has over 100 planes and is finalizing a 500-plane deal.

FAQs on Lion Air Bekasi Office

Lion Air Bekasi office address is Ruko Bekasi Mas, Jl. Ahmad Yani No.4, RT.004/RW.003, Marga Jaya, Kec. Bekasi Sel., Kota Bks, Jawa Barat 17141, Indonesia.

Lion Air Bekasi Office provides all the above-mentioned services.

Lion Air Bekasi Office can be reached via phone, email, or in person. 

Lion Air Bekasi Office hours are from Everyday – 24hrs.

Yes, you can book a flight with the Lion Air Bekasi Office.

Lion Air flies from Bekasi to multiple destinations, one can search more on the airline’s website or visit their office in Bekasi.

Lion Air Bekasi Baggage Office allows domestic flights, business class travelers may check up to 30 kilograms of luggage. Passengers traveling in economy class are only permitted to check in 15 kilograms of luggage.

Yes, you can change or cancel my flight booked through Lion Air Bekasi Office

Yes, Lion Air Bekasi Office offers special services for passengers with disabilities.

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