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Note: This not airlines official number +1-800-491-0297. It may connect you with travel agency.

+84 24 3934 7233


4th Floor, Dao Duy Anh Tower 9 Dao Duy Anh, Dong Da Hanoi, Vietnam


A prominent air carrier, United Airlines is also among the biggest companies in the aviation industry. It has its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. In this location, the airline offers the best assistance too. Especially with the help of the United Airlines Hanoi Office, it is able to connect passengers to its team of experts. 

In the said location, this airline has its presence in Willis Tower, also called Sears Tower earlier. This is where its main team resides and helps passengers in finding answers to a variety of questions. Primarily, these are in relation to flight operations. In addition, these questions can be about bookings, changes to tickets, reserving baggage allowance, and more.

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The skilled team of United Airlines at its office can give expert answers in relation to these questions. Along with that, it can help travellers book flights and relevant services. While they are boarding planes or are experiencing an air journey, they can require help in those instances too. The team of the carrier is always eager to provide assistance as and when needed. 

Even after a journey reaches completion, it can handle any emerging concerns of these travellers. In all, it attempts to make certain that they are satisfied with the overall services of the airline.

United Airlines Hanoi Office Address

It is advised to know where the address of this airline’s office is located. This can come in handy when in-person aid is required. In a variety of situations, passengers can require the advice or help of United Airlines’ executives. They are suggested to visit this address to directly connect with them:

United Airlines Office Address

4th Floor, Dao Duy Anh Tower 9 Dao Duy Anh, Dong Da Hanoi, Vietnam

The United Airlines Hanoi Office address can be reached with no inconvenience involved. Once the office is visited, teams can be found for dealing with various concerns. Fliers can share their queries in sync with the same. Based on this, they can get help from a respective team.

Using this approach as well, the team members can share helpful responses to fliers. Usually, the response time is quick. Depending on various factors such as the location of a flier, the timeframe can vary.

United Airlines Hanoi Office Phone Number

A part of this airline’s team receives queries on the call. It actively provides this service so that maximum concerns can be resolved. Whether these concerns are about reservations or changes, on-call assistance is effective in either case. 

To connect with this team, dial the United Airlines Hanoi Office phone number +84 24 3934 7233. In addition to this, passengers can also contact the carrier directly. For this purpose, they can direct their queries to +84 24 3934 7233.

For seamlessly providing help on the call, this carrier provides the calling feature at all hours. It works 24/7. Hence, it is among the most useful ways of finding answers to any flight-associated query.

United Airlines Hanoi Office Email

Flight services are effectively managed by this carrier. Nevertheless, there can be instances during which fliers may require assistance. Or, they may need information regarding these operations or their upcoming trips with United Airlines. They can drop an email to this carrier at customercomplaint@united.com, explaining what they wish to enquire about.

These queries are received by the United Airlines Corporate Office in Hanoi. Its team goes through elaborate concerns. As soon as possible, responses are provided to fliers. In general, the process can require a few days.

How to Contact the United Airlines Hanoi Office?

Pertaining to concerns, complaints, feedback, queries, or other things, travellers can require contacting United. With the aid of several ways, they can establish this contact. While there are quick online ways to communicate with this carrier’s staff, offline methods are convenient.

United Airlines Hanoi Address4th Floor, Dao Duy Anh Tower 9 Dao Duy Anh, Dong Da Hanoi, Vietnam
United Airlines Hanoi Phone Number+1-800-491-0297 or +84 24 3934 7233
United Airlines Hanoi Emailcustomercomplaint@united.com
Working Hours of United Airlines OfficeMonday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
United Airlines HeadquartersChicago, Illinois
United Airlines Flight BookingBook Now
United Airlines Manage Bookinghttps://www.united.com/en/us/manageres/mytrips
United Airlines Flight Statushttps://www.united.com/en/us/flightstatus
United Airlines Check Inhttps://www.united.com/en/us/checkin
United Airlines Websitehttps://www.united.com/
United Airlines Facebook SupportClick Here
United Airlines Instagram SupportClick Here
Over the Phone

One of the ways to reach this airline on the phone is by using the contact number +84 24 3934 7233. It comes with a 24-hour facility. On every day of the week, it can be used to establish quick contact with this airline or its office. 

Additionally, +84 24 3934 7233 is the United Airlines Hanoi Office phone number to receive assistance regarding queries. For more help, +84 24 3934 7233 can be dialled to get connected to this airline’s Flight Training Center.

Using the Emailing Facility

Drafting emails and sharing them with this airline’s office is the next way of contacting it. These messages are to be sent to customercomplaint@united.com. Doubts revolving around delays, changes, missed journeys, cancellations, ticketing, etc., can be incorporated into these emails. 

Heading to the Office

United Airlines is renowned for having an exceptional team at its office. This team can handle queries from passengers regardless of their numbers. To get in touch with this airline, the address of this office should be navigated. 

Queries Handled by United Airlines Hanoi Office

The foremost reason to connect with experts at United’s office involves their experience in handling queries. Based at the office in Hanoi, they can serve various needs by managing these doubts. From the booking of flights to their modifications, the queries are varied and managed without any problems.

United Airlines Ticket BookingOk to BoardUnited Airlines Cancellation
Airport LoungesVisa ServicesUnited Airlines Baggage Allowance
Airport TransfersUnited Airlines Online Check-inUnited Airlines Duty-Free Allowance
Immigration ServicesBusiness ClassUnited Airlines In-Flight Meals
United Airlines Missing LuggageAirport LoungesFlight/Visa Info
United Airlines MilesEconomy ClassUnited Airlines Delayed Flights
Airport FacilitiesIn-Flight EntertainmentAirport Wifi
Valet ParkingVisa on ArrivalFlight Wifi

Reaching out to the executives at the United Airlines Ticket Office in Hanoi is helpful for getting your tickets booked. Additionally, they can help in changing the reservations. While utilizing either or both of these services, any upcoming doubts can be directed to these executives.

United Airlines Hanoi Office, United Airlines Hanoi Office Address, United Airlines Hanoi Office Phone Number, United Airlines Hanoi Office Email, How to Contact United Airlines Hanoi Office, United Airlines headquarters
Baggage Services

You can reserve the allowance needed when you decide to fly with this operator. Concerns regarding luggage allowance can be cleared by talking to the representatives of United. Along with this, they can manage concerns regarding lost bags, damaged products, delayed items, etc. 

United Airlines Hanoi Office, United Airlines Hanoi Office Address, United Airlines Hanoi Office Phone Number, United Airlines Hanoi Office Email, How to Contact United Airlines Hanoi Office, United Airlines headquarters
Check-in Facilities

It is common to have doubts when passengers have to check in themselves or their bags. The team of United Airlines can give them guidance to execute the procedures. Whether done through the web or at the airport, passengers can be sure to get help.

United Airlines Hanoi Office, United Airlines Hanoi Office Address, United Airlines Hanoi Office Phone Number, United Airlines Hanoi Office Email, How to Contact United Airlines Hanoi Office, United Airlines headquarters
Flight Services

Various services regarding flights can invite some doubts. The status of trips, information with respect to routes, and more are important to be cleared. Provided that the office of this air carrier is contacted, this clarification can be obtained with ease.

United Airlines Hanoi Office, United Airlines Hanoi Office Address, United Airlines Hanoi Office Phone Number, United Airlines Hanoi Office Email, How to Contact United Airlines Hanoi Office, United Airlines headquarters
Assistance for Customers

Through various aspects and policies, United aims to be customer-centric. To enhance this attribute, it provides assistance to its customers. This is another way in which the airline attempts to manage the concerns of those who prefer to fly with it.

United Airlines Hanoi Office, United Airlines Hanoi Office Address, United Airlines Hanoi Office Phone Number, United Airlines Hanoi Office Email, How to Contact United Airlines Hanoi Office, United Airlines headquarters

Why Must You Choose United Airlines Hanoi Office?

Based on the facilities provided by this operator’s office, travellers can make the decision of selecting it. There are additional reasons as well that make it worth connecting with the United Airlines Hanoi Office. These include convenience, the commitment to help, and other such factors.

Good Facilities Provided

The office of this airline has every important facility. Through these, it is able to provide passengers with the help they require. The functioning of these facilities aids in rendering help on time. This can further ensure that their travel experience is up to the mark. 

Helping Customers

Twenty-four hours each day, this airline’s office can provide help to customers. With a positive attitude, it works on every concern. Its focus is on settling a wide range of queries. Even when complaints or pieces of feedback are shared, the office staff remains humble.

A Functional Online Help Center

In an attempt to increase the convenience of passengers, United Airlines has formed an online help centre. The executives available at its office can supply guidance to use this centre. This facility is apt at resolving inquiries with respect to luggage, ticketing, check-in, and more.

MileagePlus Loyalty Program

United Airlines offers MileagePlus to its fliers. This is a beneficial program that helps in earning miles. They work as points that can be used in the future for making more bookings or buying services with this airline. More details regarding this program are given by the carrier’s office.

United Airlines Hanoi Office, United Airlines Hanoi Office Address, United Airlines Hanoi Office Phone Number, United Airlines Hanoi Office Email, How to Contact United Airlines Hanoi Office, United Airlines headquarters

Ensuring cost-effectiveness is among the main goals of this air operator. In one way, this is looked after by offering qualitative travel services. Along with this, by answering every query of passengers in the best way possible, the United Airlines Office Hanoi makes them feel that their money is rightly spent.

How Can I Make a United Airlines Hanoi Office Complaint?

The fliers of this airline need not hesitate when they have to report a matter. United Airlines comprehends that in order to increase their satisfaction, working on their complaints is vital. Hence, fliers can follow a set of steps to share the instances that do not result in positive experiences.

Collecting Details of the Matter

It is simple for passengers to state matters when they can support them with valid or any available information. Hence, prior to making a complaint, they can collect the relevant details.

Connecting with United Airlines 

Once you have relevant information to go with your concern, you should contact United Airlines. Use its website for this purpose. Otherwise, dial its phone number. Share the matter that bothers you and wait for a response.

Reaching out to the Office of the Airline

In the next step, you have to use the United Airlines Hanoi Office address and associate with its team. You can infer whether any solution has been found for your concern. Or, your thoughts regarding the response provided can be shared.

Following up 

It is important to follow up on the concern you have shared. In case a better response is available, you can learn about it. Otherwise, when the response is pending, this step will help you provide more attention to your matter.

On the off chance that the final response does not seem pleasant, you can share the same with United Airlines. It will try to escalate the matter to higher authorities who can then provide you with better responses.

Services Provided by United Airlines Airport Office in Hanoi

Chicago is where the headquarters of this airline resides. Here, effective services are rendered by this carrier. To book and manage flights, contacting this body is vital. For other useful facilities too, the United Airlines Corporate Office in Chicago remains a reliable body.

Assistance to Customers

The team of this airline has enough members. They can be relied on for assistance of any kind with respect to travel services. This team can satisfy the concerns of customers. Even their complaints and issues faced while flying can be managed. 

Flight Operations

United conducts countless operations in relation to the arrival and departure of flights. It is also active when it comes to managing the schedule of trips. When passengers require information about the same, they can establish contact with the corporate office of this airline.

Managing Flights

The office of this air operator actively helps fliers to manage their flights. They can make upgrades to their bookings with the help of United Airlines staff. Services like hotels, cars, etc., can be added to these. In case the flights have to be changed, this service is also provided by the staff.

Luggage and Check-in 

Baggage services are varied and include buying allowance, checking in with items, finding missing possessions, etc. With the aid of United Airlines, any of these services can be learned about and used. Its office can be spoken to on the phone, via an in-person visit, or by mail for the same.

Types of Planes/Aircraft in United Airlines Fleet

A big fleet is one of the reasons why this air operator has been successful. It has the best aircraft in terms of size, capacity, features, and safety. The United Airlines Hanoi Office believes in keeping its fliers informed. When contacted, it can share more information regarding these plane types.

Boeing 737

This is a narrow-body plane. It is apt for domestic trips within the US. Multiple models of Boeing 737 are in use. These include 737-700, 737-900ER, 737-800, etc. More than a hundred people can fly via these planes in a single trip.

Airbus A319 and A320

Both A320 and A319 from the Airbus family come with narrow bodies. They are used by this airline not only for domestic flights but international ones too. Up to 150 fliers can be carried using these models on every flight.

Boeing 757

Best for any kind of flight, the Boeing 757 is a feature-rich plane. It has an excellent seating space that can easily accommodate 169 passengers. Depending on the model, up to 239 passengers can also be seated. Whether they are embarking on a long or short journey, this aircraft is great for both.

Boeing 767

United Airlines uses this plane for seating more than 200 travellers. It is suitable for domestic flights. Even for international trips, this model proves to be comfort-oriented. With roomy cabins, great seats, and the top services on board, it enhances the fleet of this carrier.

Boeing 777

To elevate the experience of fliers, on long-haul journeys to international places, Boeing 777 is used. Some of its models can fit nearly 366 people. Luxurious interiors are the most notable aspect of this plane. Even its entertainment options draw attention.

Boeing 787

Dreamliner or Boeing 787 is one of the best models for long international trips. Up to 252 people can fly via this plane. It is significant for those who require being entertained throughout the journey. In addition, the comfort of its seats can make the overall trip more memorable.

Embraer E175 and E145

Certain regional planes are used by United Airlines. 2 among these are Embraer models E145 and E175. They fly within the US. Usually, 50-76 travellers can be accommodated on these. They can receive comfy sitting experiences and good onboard services.  

United Airlines Hanoi Ticket Counter

Frequently Asked Questions – United Airlines Hanoi Office

A lot of queries can be settled by simply going through frequently asked questions about the Hanoi Office of United. 

This office works as a part of the airline and resolves the queries of customers.

4th Floor, Dao Duy Anh Tower 9 Dao Duy Anh, Dong Da Hanoi, Vietnam, is where the office of this carrier is located.

To get in touch with this office, you can make use of the phone number +84 24 3934 7233.

An email connecting directly to the office may not be available. But customercomplaint@united.com can be used to write to the airline.

Services like check-in, cancellations, changes, upgrades, help for delays, and more can be found at the office of United.

Notably, the carrier’s office is open 24/7 except for holidays.

Yes, complaints can be made to the team available at this office.

Flight reservation is one of the services provided by this airline at its office.

Yes, differently-abled passengers can easily approach this office’s team for their concerns.

One can visit this office and place a request for a refund.

United provides services and assistance to its passengers at all hours and days aside from national holidays.

In Chicago, Illinois, the headquarters of this operator is available.

This airline is dependable, has on-time services, and has efficient officials to handle various requests from customers.

The centres of this airline are globally established in locations like the United States, Philippines, etc.

United Airlines’ office can be depended on for quick help and satisfactory services.

Yes, good services are provided to customers to manage their queries, concerns, and complaints.

Scott Kirby is the present CEO of this air operator.

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