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Note: This not airlines official number +1-800-491-0297. It may connect you with travel agency.

+1 403-444-2446


Terminal 1, Rome, Italy


WestJet Airlines, a prominent player in the aviation industry, extends its reach to the vibrant state of Rome in the Italy. This article provides essential information about WestJet Airlines Rome office, addressing key inquiries for travelers and enthusiasts.

Westjet Airlines Rome Office

Westjet Airlines Rome Office Address and Contact Details

Westjet Airlines Rome Office

Situated at Terminal 1, Rome, Italy, the WestJet Airlines Rome Office serves as a central hub for various inquiries and services.

How to Contact the Westjet Airlines Rome Office

For any assistance or information, you can reach out to the WestJet Airlines Rome Office through the provided contact details:

Office Phone Number+1-800-491-0297 or +1 403-444-2446
Headquarters AddressCalgary, Canada
HubCalgary International Airport
Head OfficeClick here
Ticket OfficeClick here
Official Websitehttps://www.westjet.com/en-ca
Flight BookingClick here
Manage BookingClick here
Flight StatusClick here
Check inClick here
Facebook SupportClick here
Twitter SupportClick here
Instagram SupportClick here
Youtube SupportClick here

Westjet Airlines Rome Office Map Location

Explore the convenient location of the WestJet Airlines Rome Office on the map, ensuring you have no trouble finding it.

Westjet Airlines Rome Airport Office Address

In close proximity to Leonardo da Vinci International Airport, the WestJet Airlines Rome Airport Office is strategically positioned for travelers ease.

Westjet Airlines Rome Airport Map Location

Locate the WestJet Airlines Rome Airport Office effortlessly by referring to the map coordinates, making your journey even more convenient.

Westjet Airlines Baggage Information

  • Baggage Telephone Number : 1-866-666-6224
  • Baggage Lost and Found : Click Here
  • Baggage Inquiries : Click Here

The Westjet Airlines Rome Office Customer Care Section handles the following inquiries

The dedicated customer care team at the Westjet Airlines Rome Office is equipped to assist passengers with a range of inquiries to ensure a smooth and pleasant travel experience. Below are the key types of inquiries handled by the customer care team:

Flight ReservationsAssistance with booking, modifying, or canceling flight reservations.
Ticketing and PaymentsInquiries related to ticket prices, payment methods, and billing concerns.
Flight SchedulesInformation on flight timings, delays, and changes to the regular schedule.
Baggage PoliciesGuidance on baggage allowances, restrictions, and reporting lost or damaged baggage.
Check-In AssistanceHelp with the online check-in process, seat selection, and boarding passes.
Travel DocumentationClarifications on passport requirements, visa information, and other travel documents.
Flight Status UpdatesReal-time updates on flight statuses, including delays, cancellations, or diversions.
Special Assistance RequestsSupport for passengers with special needs, such as medical requirements or disabilities.
Frequent Flyer ProgramInformation on Westjet’s loyalty program, rewards, and membership inquiries.
General Customer InquiriesAny other general inquiries, feedback, or concerns about Westjet Airlines services.

The Westjet Airlines Rome Office is committed to providing prompt and reliable assistance to address passengers needs and ensure a pleasant travel experience.

Westjet Airlines Provides a Wide Range of Plane/Aircraft Types

WestJet Airlines takes pride in its diverse fleet of aircraft, including but not limited to:

AircraftIn serviceOrders
Boeing 737-70039
Boeing 737-80046
Boeing 737 MAX 732
Boeing 737 MAX 83221
Boeing 737 MAX 1054
Boeing 787-97
Boeing 737-800BCF4


WestJet Airlines Rome Office stands as a testament to the airline’s commitment to providing excellent service and support to travelers in the dynamic state of Rome. Whether you are looking for assistance, baggage information, or planning your next flight, the Rome Office is your go-to destination.

FAQs on Westjet Airlines Rome Office

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the Westjet Airlines Rome Office:

Where is the WestJet Airlines Rome Office located?

The WestJet Airlines Rome Office is located at Terminal 1, Rome, Italy.

How can I contact the WestJet Airlines Rome Office for general inquiries?

You can contact the WestJet Airlines Rome Office for general inquiries via phone at +1 403-444-2446

What are the operating hours of the WestJet Airlines Rome Office?

The office operates during 24×7, ensuring assistance is available when you need it.

How do I report lost baggage to WestJet Airlines Rome?

To report lost baggage, visit the Lost and Found section on the official WestJet Airlines website Click Here.

What types of aircraft does WestJet Airlines operate from Rome?

WestJet Airlines operates a diverse fleet, including Boeing 737, Boeing 767, and Bombardier Q400.

Can I make flight reservations at the WestJet Airlines Rome Office?

Yes, the Rome Office handles flight reservations both in-person and over the phone.

Is there a dedicated helpline for baggage inquiries at WestJet Airlines Rome?

Yes, you can reach the dedicated baggage helpline at 1-866-666-6224.

Are there special assistance services available at the WestJet Airlines Rome Office?

Yes, the Rome Office provides special assistance services. Contact them via phone, email, or in-person.

How do I change or refund my WestJet Airlines ticket in Rome?

Ticket changes or refunds can be facilitated by contacting the Rome Office via phone, email, or in-person.

Can corporate inquiries be addressed at the WestJet Airlines Rome Office?

Yes, corporate inquiries can be directed to the Rome Office through email or in-person meetings.

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