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Note: This not airlines official number +1-800-491-0297. It may connect you with travel agency.


14 Maahad Sahari Street, Cairo, Egypt


Kenya Airways is a top African airline and the flag carrier of Kenya. It is a member of the Sky Team Alliance and operates as a public-private partnership. The airline offers a wide range of domestic and international flights to destinations around the globe. For assistance with inquiries such as reservations, cancellations, bookings, purchasing tickets, reimbursements, promotions, etc., or to get details about Kenya Airways flights, prospective clients can visit or contact Kenya Airways Cairo Office. The office has a team of trained professionals available during office hours to provide professional services.

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Learn all about Kenya Airways Cairo Office in this detailed article. We provide comprehensive contact information, including office and email addresses. Easily book, purchase, cancel, or reserve your tickets from the comfort of your home. 

Kenya Airways Cairo Office Address

To ensure a smooth travel experience with Kenya Airways to or from Cairo, it is recommended to visit the Kenya Airways Office located in Cairo. The Airline boasts a highly skilled team of customer care executives based in their Cairo offices.

Kenya Airways Cairo Office Address is easily accessible by any vehicle and offers ample parking options. It operates during standard business hours for your convenience. To learn more about the Kenya office situated in Cairo, please refer to the following details:

Office Address:- 14 Maahad Sahari Street, Cairo, Egypt.

Kenya Airways Cairo Airport Address

If you plan to travel with Kenya Airways to or from Cairo, visiting the Kenya Airways Cairo Airport Office may be appropriate.

If you need help managing your booking while at Cairo Airport, Kenya Airways’ office is there to provide professional assistance. Trust the expertise of Cairo Airport Offices for your booking needs. 

Kindly proceed to the ticketing counter and get in touch with the representative of the Cairo airport office for further assistance. 

Kenya Airways Cairo Office Address:- Jomo Kenyatta International Airport

Kenya Airways Cairo Office Phone Number

Passengers often lack the time or ability to visit the airline’s office in person. Kenya Airways has introduced contact numbers to address various scenarios. 

Contacting the Kenya Airways Cairo Office phone number is a hassle-free option for booking a flight, making a reservation, or getting assistance during your travels with the airline. 

The airline has a dedicated team of experts stationed at their Cairo office to provide assistance from the comfort of your home.  Contact options for travelers include phone and multiple channels for inquiries. See the table below for details. 

Kenya Airways Cairo Office Address14 Maahad Sahari Street, Cairo, Egypt.
Kenya Airways Office Working Hours9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Saturday and Sunday off)
Kenya Airways Cairo Office Phone Number +1-800-491-0297 or +254-20-3274747
Kenya Airways Official Website
Kenya Airways Customer Care Phone Number +254711024747 or +254734104747
For the Baggage Services of Kenya Airways1-212-279-6602
Kenya Airways Booking
Kenya Airways Manage Booking
Kenya Airways Check In
Kenya Airways Flight Status
Kenya Airways Facebook Support
Kenya Airways Youtube Support
Kenya Airways Instagram Support
Kenya Airways Twitter Support

Kenya Airways Cairo Office Email Address

This airline prioritizes customer satisfaction by offering various easy communication channels for your convenience. Learn about Kenya Airways’ Cairo Office email address by checking out the details given below. 

For any inquiries related to flight booking, ticket cancellation, visa, or immigration services, you can reach out to Kenya Airways at

  • Access your email and compose a new message.
  • To contact Kenya Airways’ customer service or inquire about travel-related matters, you can send an email to their designated email address at “” This email address can be entered in the “To” field when composing your message.
  • Please mention your travel plans and the services you need in your email. For a prompt response, give accurate information such as your name, booking reference, flight date, time, flight number, and any special requests or questions you may have.
  • Feel free to inquire about any travel-related topic. However, provide clear details to assist Kenya Airways’ customer service in providing optimal assistance.
  • Include important documents like your ticket or passport in the email. This helps the office staff/customer service help you better.
  • Communicate your concerns or requests in a kind, polite and respectful manner.
  • Before sending an email, double-check the email address and content to ensure accuracy and completeness. This will help prevent delivery issues.
  • Send your email by clicking on the “Send” button. Look for an email response from Kenya Airways’ customer support in your inbox. Response time may vary depending on the complexity of your request and the number of emails received. 

How to Contact Kenya Airways Cairo Office?

If you plan on traveling to or from Cairo, it is important to have the contact information for Kenya Airways’ Cairo office, including their address and phone number, among other methods of communication.

The staff at the office offers a range of services to meet your needs. From booking and modifying reservations to buying tickets and arranging special accommodations like dietary meals or wheelchair assistance, they have got you covered. Below are some options for contacting the airlines’ Cairo Office:

  • Making a Call – The easiest way to reach the Kenya Airways Cairo Office is via phone. If you need to contact the Kenya Airways Office, you can reach them at their main phone number: +254-20-3274747. This number is available during their regular business hours. 
  • Visiting the Airlines’ Office – To get in touch with the Kenya Airways Office in Cairo, you can also opt to visit in person. The office is situated at 14 Maahad Sahari Street, Cairo, Egypt.  As an airline that prioritizes customer satisfaction, they are always prepared to assist you with any queries or problems you may have. 
  • By Mail – To contact Kenya Airways’ Cairo office, you can also send an email to Any official will respond to your message promptly with the help of our dedicated representative. However, including your full name, contact information, and a brief inquiry description in your email is recommended.
  • Connect with Kenya Airways – In case you are unable to reach Kenya Airways’ office or contact details, get in touch with Kenya Airways, by either visiting their official website at or reaching out to their customer care team via phone at Tel: +254 734 104 747, Mobile: +254 711 024 747, or Whatsapp at +254 705 474 747.

Which Queries Can Cairo Office Kenya Airlines Handle?

The Cairo Office of Kenya Airways is responsible for managing a diverse range of inquiries and requests. In case you are interested in knowing the specific types of questions or issues that can be resolved by reaching out to the Kenya Airways Cairo offices, refer to the details provided below for more clarity:

  • Queries and concerns: Get information about Kenya Airways’ destinations from the friendly staff at their Cairo office. The office representatives are always ready to assist you with any inquiries or issues you may have. They can provide you with a complete list of all the locations the airline serves. 
  • Flight Status and Schedule: To get the latest updates on your flight or view the airline’s flight schedule, visit the Kenya Airways office in Cairo. Track your flight and get updates on delays or cancellations with the team’s assistance.
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  • Destinations Covered: You can get help with a range of concerns and questions, at the airline’s Cairo Office such as obtaining a detailed catalog of the airline’s destinations. Get in touch with them to obtain further details. 
  • Making and Changing Reservations: Customers who wish to book or make changes to their flight with Kenya Airways can reach out to the airline’s Cairo office. You can get information about flights, prices, and promotions from the customer service team, and they can also help you with booking or making changes to your reservation.
Kenya Airways Cairo Office, Kenya Airways Cairo Office Address, Kenya Airways Cairo Airport Office, Kenya Airways Cairo Office Phone Number, Kenya Airways Cairo Office Email, How to Contact Kenya Airways Cairo Office, Kenya Airways Headquarters
  • Baggage inquiries– The office staff can also help you with your queries/concerns related to lost or damaged luggage, etc.
Kenya Airways Cairo Office, Kenya Airways Cairo Office Address, Kenya Airways Cairo Airport Office, Kenya Airways Cairo Office Phone Number, Kenya Airways Cairo Office Email, How to Contact Kenya Airways Cairo Office, Kenya Airways Headquarters

How Do You File Complaints to Kenya Airways Cairo Office?

While the airline strives to provide a smooth and enjoyable travel experience, passengers may still face some inconveniences. 

Hence, in case you wish to raise a concern regarding your Kenya Airways experience, there are multiple ways available to communicate your complaint to the airline. Here are some guidelines and ways to file a complaint with Kenya Airways.

  • Contact the Kenya Airways call center: To file a complaint, first, gather all the required information and then get in touch with Kenya Airways’ Cairo office. Contact customer service through phone, email, or social media. 
  • Phone/Email/in-person visit: To file a complaint with Kenya Airways Cairo Office, you can reach out to their phone line or send your complaint to their official email address provided. An alternative choice is to visit in person at the airline’s office to have a face-to-face conversation.
  • Provide Accurate and Detailed Information: When submitting a complaint, it is important to provide all the required information such as your name, contact details, booking reference, flight details, and a clear description of the issue. This will help ensure that your complaint is properly addressed and resolved in a timely manner. 
  • Have Patience and Stay Polite: Remain patient and calm. It is essential to communicate your concerns in a respectful manner to ensure effective communication. Boost your conversation efficiency and satisfaction by maintaining a calm demeanor.
  • Document Your Complaint: Keep a Record of Your Interactions with Kenya Airlines’ Cairo Office. When documenting customer service interactions, it is important to include the date, time, names of representatives, and reference numbers/case IDs.
  • Follow-Up: To get better support, reach out to the airlines’ Cairo Office if you are not satisfied with the solution or have not received a response. Case Update Request: Please provide an update on your complaint.

Which Additional Services Does Kenya Airways Cairo Office Provide?

In addition to their regular services, Kenya Airways also provides a number of additional services, such as pet travel, access to their luxurious lounge, etc. The Kenya Airways office in Cairo can provide guidance, details, and assistance on these services.

  • Reserve Allowance for Baggage: To avoid paying an excess baggage fee, purchase extra baggage well in advance (ideally 24 hours before the flight). Additionally, while booking online through Manage My Booking or by calling the center, you will receive a reduction on additional baggage fees. 
  • Access to Lounges: Experience Kenya Airways’ magnificent Lounge’s luxurious comfort! Use their website or mobile app to purchase a single-entry pass, or enter their exquisite lounge without one.
  • Pet Travel: Reserve your pet by planning ahead. Make payment for additional luggage, at the reservation counter at the time of checking in. However, just keep checking up on your pet because due to the weather, your pets may encounter a range of temperatures while they are being boarded.
  • Unaccompanied minor travel: Kenya Airways offers an ‘unaccompanied minor’ service for children aged 5-14 who is/are:-
    • Is a minimum of 18 years of age.
    • Has a confirmed reservation for the same aircraft and cabin as a child under 14 years old.
    • Is ready and able to assume all responsibility for the youngster for the entire journey.
Kenya Airways Cairo Office, Kenya Airways Cairo Office Address, Kenya Airways Cairo Airport Office, Kenya Airways Cairo Office Phone Number, Kenya Airways Cairo Office Email, How to Contact Kenya Airways Cairo Office, Kenya Airways Headquarters

Planes and Aircraft in Kenya Airways Fleet 2023

Kenya Airways boasts a contemporary and varied range of planes that are continuously adapting to cater to the dynamic demands of its clientele. The Airline’s fleet consists of various types of planes/aircraft given below:

AircraftsNumber of fleets
Boeing 737-8008
Boeing 787- 89
Embraer 19015
Kenya Airways Cargo Fleet 
Boeing 737-300SF2
My Kenya Airways Flight – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The exceptional services and customer-focused policies of Kenya Airways are widely recognized. Additionally, the airline is dedicated to delivering the utmost customer satisfaction to all of its passengers.

 It also follows the regulation of the DOT’s rule to improve the protection of airline passengers. Experience outstanding connectivity to different parts of the world with top-notch service. So book your next adventure with the airline’s exceptional service.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Kenya Airways’ Cairo office is located in the 14 Maahad Sahari Street, Cairo, Egypt.

Kenya Airways’ Cairo office offers its travelers a wide range of services, including flight reservations, cancellations, modifications, baggage inquiries, and customer support.

Kenya Airways Cairo Office can be contacted at +254-20-3274747 or via email at or in person at 14 Maahad Sahari Street, Cairo, Egypt.

You can book tickets, cancel and get offers/discounts on all flights operated by Kenya Airways through their Cairo Office.

Yes, you can check in with Kenya Office and Cairo Airport Office.

Yes, you can make a complaint to Kenya Airways Cairo Office by following a few simple steps. Contact the customer support team via phone, email, or social media.

Kenya Airways operates on Boeing 737-800, Boeing 787- 8, and Embraer 190 in their fleet.

Yes, you can change flights with Kenya Airways Office in Cairo

Timings of the Cairo Office of Kenya Airways are 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Saturday and Sunday off)

Kenya Airways’ headquarter is located at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA), Nairobi, Kenya

Kenya Airways is among the best airlines and is completely passenger-centric, which makes it a good option for travelers.

Kenya Airways offers a 24-hour contact service via their call which can be contacted at +254711024747, +254734104747

Kenya Airways is a reliable airline with ratings that are higher than average. Furthermore, in recent months, there has been a discernible enhancement in the evaluations.

The Cairo branch of Kenya Airways provides excellent support and advice to its customers and passengers.

Allan Kilavuka serves as the current CEO of Kenya Airways.

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